Angell Custom Tennis


Made for You. As the industry leader in Custom Racket development, you can be assured that our latest offering takes the concept even closer to perfection. We already manufacture to the tightest specification tolerance on the market, but our new Micro Braided construction layer ensures an even higher level of consistency during the moulding process in production without changing the playability.

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Angell K series


Made for Feel. The Aramid construction gives the K series frames a unique playing characteristic of combining power with a high level of comfort on all shots.  Available in open and closed string patterns as well as dedicated Junior versions, the K7 series appeals to players from every level, helped in part by their bold and vibrant look on court.

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Angell ASL Racket


The Angell ASL line is made for power. Reverse the momentum of the ball with accurate timing and swing speed. Targeted sections of the ASL frame are constructed with a layer of active Siloxane to dramatically reduce impact stress and incoming ball speed. This immediate reduction in ball speed means less power is absorbed from the players swing and more pace is loaded onto the outgoing shot.

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