Being in the right position at the right time is key to every winning shot. In today’s game, every millisecond counts which is why the new REACT tennis rackets are packed with multiple design features to create the fastest and most manoeuvrable tennis rackets on the market.

REACT sets a new benchmark for reaction speed, ensuring that your racket head is always in the perfect position at the perfect time. But we didn’t stop there. We’ve also maintained the high standards of comfort and feel, synonymous with the Angell brand.

Ready to play or build your own Tennis Racket.

Choose the right REACT for you from our 4 base frames or configure your bespoke version via the CUSTOM option


Building on the success of our TC series “D“ beam cross section, the REACT tennis rackets streamline even further to create a perfect blend of ergonomic and aerodynamic function.

Sculpted throat and bridge

Further lowering the frames air resistance, three key areas of the REACT throat have been specifically designed to allow smooth passage of air compared to traditional block radius corners.


The REACT tennis rackets all feature a new recessed end to our popular over frame grommets. Both aesthetically pleasing and practical, the new design creates clean aerodynamic edge surfaces.


Smoother than Matte, slicker than Gloss, the REACT mid sheen paintwork offers incredibly low resistance to airflow on all shots.

react carbon fibre

Increasing stiffness on impact and enhancing feel, “REACT fibres” are strategically woven into the high modulus carbon used around the hoop of the frames.  Closely aligned with our K7 Aramid fibres, the new REACT fibres provide a level of comfort on par with our foam filled models but without the added mass.