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A modern twist of a true classic construction.


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Traditional with a modern twist, HALO MULTI is designed for players that demand the performance of gut at an economic price. Classified as a synthetic gut string, the high performance mono core is spiral wrapped with outer filaments and coated with an elastomeric nano coating. Performance based with comfort, HALO MULTI works seamlessly as part of a hybrid construction or full bed.

Gauge: 1.30mm
Construction: Round multifilament
Length: 12m/200m
Colour: BLACK

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12m, 200m

4 reviews for Halo Multi Black

  1. morobtennis (verified owner)

    The best multi-filament string I’ve ever played with! It has the soft feel and bite on the ball of natural gut but at less than half the price. And all of my students love it as well.

  2. Jo Dunkley

    Used for 90 mins so far. I used this string (in the red version) as a mains at 54pds with Halo Spin 7 as a cross at 48. This is an exceptionally comfortable string with lovely touch and feel, I normally use 16g in the mains but this was 17g as it came as a sample pack. I definitely noticed an uptick in power using this gauge and would definitely string tighter next time as the ball would occasionally fly.

    Overall an excellent multi I have tried many and this is probably near the top.

    As a hybrid with Halo Spin 7 this set up provided decent spin exceptional comfort and power. Not sure how long the multi will last with the spin 7 though after 90mins there was some noticable notching.

  3. Hideo (verified owner)

    This nylon multi is really amazing! The nanofiber nylon is durable and gives a soft feel. Especially when used in hybrids with poly, it is much more durable than other multifilaments. It is a nylon string that I would like you to try.

  4. nogalosh (verified owner)

    I’m a regular small tournament and inter-club championship payer in France with 15/4 level. I put the Halo 3 in my TC-97 ( 320g / 315mm ) at 27/26 kgs and was surprised at how good it is.. Very nice feel at the net for volleys, smashes & drop shots, and good control from the back with adequate power.. Good service placement.. A really good all rounder without being outstanding at any one thing.. I ordered a 200m reel after trying a single pack.
    It has a comfortable overall feel.. I wish it was available in amber colour, but that won’t change it’s playability.!
    Very good value for money.

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