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V5 TC95 – 16 x 19

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Classic Mid Plus size but with all the power and spin generation expected for the modern game.


Available from stock at the specifications shown, or build your own version using our custom racket builder.  CUSTOM


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Don’t be fooled into thinking a 95″ frame isn’t still a viable option on court. Hidden under a variety of paintjobs, many of today’s top players are still wielding a classic Mid Plus sized frame. And for good reason. We never cease to be surprised at the power this model produces. From baseline grinding to rocket launched serves, the new TC95 V5 will impress from the first hit.

The open sting bed combined with narrow beam width makes this frame a spin generator in a league of its own. 64 RA stiffness provides plenty of comfort from the baseline and enhanced feel closer to the net.

Unstrung Specifications

Key Features


Our focus has always been to deliver quality products that are built to the highest standards and incorporate technology that benifits players. Nothing else.


We have turned up the heat on our raw materials to lower the viscosity of the resin used to coat our High Modulus fibres. The result is “Total Coverage” or as we like to call it, “Perfection Manufacturing”.


Heat and pressure are used to mould our carbon frames into shape. Our MICRO BRAID layer minimises resin flow out of the frame structure resulting in a more consistent product.


All Angell custom models are filled with our unique Foam Core to provide a high level of dampening and the unmistakable feel of a solid filled frame.


Looking for something slightly different to match your style? Build your own TC95 with our industry leading CUSTOM system

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Weight 1.1 kg
Grip Size

L1 (4 1/8), L2 (4 1/4), L3 (4 3/8), L4 (4 1/2), L5 (4 5/8)

19 reviews for V5 TC95 – 16 x 19

  1. David Anderson (verified owner)

    I was a top ranked Junior in Texas and now as a 5.0 adult player this is the best tennis racquet i have ever played with. I grew up with 95 sq inch frames and this TC95 v4 feels like butter. I am able to have controlled aggression as an aggressive all court player that has a serve plus 1 mentality. The racquet does not get pushed around playing against a heavier ball and it’s so solid on contact on all shots. The open string pattern allows for plenty of top spin off the ground and amazing kick and slice serves. The foam core allows for the comfortable contact and the sweet sound of lightning when ripping a flat ball winner. The Angell team was amazing to work with to get the specs i wanted. After playing with my 1st order for two weeks i immediately ordered a second. The best part is the racquets play the exact same, they weigh the exact same, and they feel the exact same. That is QUALITY!!! Everyone at our club constantly asked what type of racquet am i using because of the simple yet GORGEOUS paint job. And i am PROUD to say an Angell.



  2. Justin

    I’ve owned and played the TC100, TC97 and ASL2. Tried the TC95 after consulting with Paul Angell. After playing with it today I would rename it The Scalpel. Can’t remember ever having this amount of pin point precision. This racket is for advanced players who can generate their own pace. The low power level allows you to swing without reserve. Returning serves was a joy while being able to attack without fear of balls sailing long. There’s no free power here but what you get is the confidence to go for your shots knowing the racket responds with incredible accuracy. Highly recommended

  3. Don Napier (verified owner)

    This is an exceptional racquet. I played with the Wilson 6.1 95 16×18 for many years but just couldn’t find any new ones anywhere. I ordered three of these, and they are even better than the Wilson. It reminds me of the Dunlop Black Max that I played with for many years long ago.

  4. paulmjohnson (verified owner)

    I have been using TC95 frames since 2013, although my days with products linked to Paul Angell go back well beyond then to the Dunlop Muscle Weave rackets of the 1990s!
    For several years from 2013 onwards I used to buy TC95 frames from Angell in varying weight and balance set ups. And then spend hours “customising them to my requirements”.
    Over the last couple of years I have realised how pointless an exercise this was. I now know my exact spec requirements ( including 27.25 length to give me the swingweight I require without the extra long feeling racket which I don’t like.) and without needing lead tape!
    Now when I specify a new frame it comes to my exact requirements including swingweight and even the grip.
    Al I do is put on an over grip ( no dampeners needed with these rackets ) and hit the courts.
    It’s interesting that companies like Tecnifibre are now back to promoting the benefits of full foam filling these days.
    Thank you Paul.

  5. Allan (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this frame! Been with Paul since the Vantage days. I have owned several versions of TC95, TC97, TC100 and K7 Red. Recently I purchased the TC95 in the Octane paint job. Beautiful finish and love the way the racket plays. Outstanding feel, power and control. Nothing else comes remotely close. I also must mention the great customer service. Highly recommended!

  6. d.mohdfarag79 (verified owner)

    As expected, the best 95 tennis racket, as compared to prestige and pro staff, better playability and power with the same stability and control. 95 is equivalent to 97 and 98 in other rackets. Not the most foregiving, but with extraordinary arm friendly. Great finish and service from Angell.

  7. rm.tomsic (verified owner)

    I just received my V3 TC95, 320g, 63 RA, 315mm balance point and today I played with it for the first time. It is just great. I played with my coach with a high tempo, sunny day with 31°C and I was able to handle it comfortably the whole time. It has the pop of my best ever racquets (Dunlop Max 200G, the Revelations or the Yonex Super Rd 95 Tour), but it allows me to have a wide variation of shuts, other than flat. Great at serve and volley. It was like meeting an old good friend after a long time.
    The pure joy of playing tennis, thank you very much!

  8. Kimi (verified owner)

    28″ extended
    325 grams unstrung.
    32,2 cm balance (10,2 points HL)
    63 RA

    I have an odd elbow problem when not serving at the right strike zone with my self-extended 28″ racquets (I have no problem with standard 27″ racquets). So Angell is basically the only available option for me to get an 28″ racquet with low flex rating.

    I initially ordered a 320 gr, 12 pts HL (equivalent to 30,5 cm balance in 27″ racquet). However, Angell contacted me and asked if we could discuss the specs as the prior specs wasn’t possible (because of extended length). So I changed to 325gr with as much HL as possible. The weight is on point when I tested it.

    The first impression was that the racquet felt dense (because of the filled foam certainly) which I like. Perhaps, also because of the foam, the racquet isn’t as whippy as my Yonex VCore Pro. The swingweight and twistweight feel higher than usual also, but not tiring to swing at all. So the racquet feel very solid at impact. And the low flex just gives me much better feel.

    The low flex and 95 sq. in. headsize may make the racquet low powered. But the string layup compensates that. The gap between main strings are almost identical and large. It makes the stringbed plusher, more like a trampoline (unlike the progressive string pattern nowadays). The small headsize makes the stringbed consistently controllable. The power level is similar to my 28″ VCore Pro 97, but more comfortable and more feel because of the flex.

    And because of the flex (and maybe foam core also), my arm feels much better at impact. Sometimes I didn’t serve at ideal strike zone, so my elbow still hurts but much less. It encourages me to confidently swing and adjust my techniques. And after adjustment, I have no pain.

    In conclusion, this is a great balanced racquet for me. The flex, string pattern, headsize, foam core are all mixed nicely together to bring it a complete racquet. It’s not outstanding at anything, but great at all things (comfort, control, power, feel…). When I am confident to hit a dropshot, I know this racquet suits me well.

    Greetings from Finland.

  9. miron.mihai03 (verified owner)

    Best serving stick I ever used , and I used a lot !! Great power and control on serves . Just played with it and I didn’t lose my serve once plus 5 service games to love 😉

  10. mr_csindel (verified owner)

    After 40+ years of playing tennis (from 4 years old), I felt that it was time to customize a frame specific to my needs. I have always used classic players racquets, but nothing matched up exactly as desired (i.e., grip shape, responsiveness/feel). Angell V3 TC95 fits the bill perfectly. I have enjoyed my court time with my new “friend(s)” and very pleased that I have made the switch! If you are serious about playing, then this is the stick for you!

  11. georgi.k.popov (verified owner)

    Proud owner of 2 of these beauties. I’d like to repeat everything from my previous comment. Now with more than a year with the racquet and 150-200 hours of play time I can surely say I’ve found “the one”.
    Two is good but three will be better though…

  12. Mike (verified owner)

    320, 10 pt HL, 63 Flex. This is the first review I’ve left on anything (food, retail, ANYTHING) – but this racquet needs to be talked about. Simply incredible. Blending that classic and modern vibe. A speedy stick, yet delivers heavy heavy balls. I would say it’s the most versatile racquet I’ve every owned – with super feel on all shots. Comfortable on the arm – yet not def not ‘mushy soft’. I have tried a large number of other racquets and this is by far the most solid thing yet. The experience in customization felt very personalized and contact with the Angell team has been awesome. I wont get too much into my own swing/shots – but volleying and ground strokes will blow you away. Thank you Angell!!!

  13. daniel.galas (verified owner)

    I tried almost all highly hyped racquets (blades, prestiges, dr98, duelg, vcore pro, speed pro just to name a few)and this is my beloved one ! I should mention that before tc95 63ra 16×19, my main racquet was it’s 18×20 version for about 2-3 years. I usually gravitate towards tighter patterns but after tc95 16×19 maybe I should change my mind. It turned out what I loved most in tc95 is its uniform flex style. It kinda encourage you to risk more. It is a very “raw”/ “honest” racquet that you can fully trust while under pressure… No “trampoline” effect which I hate in some modern racquets. TC95 16×19 and 18×20 versions share the same DNA so for me the change was easy. 16×19 pattern gave me more forgiveness I was looking for and more responsiveness but still everything under control ! SIMPLY OUTSTANDING ! Oh and never forget that Angell’s quality is the best- no competition here !!!
    TC95 – play to win !!!

  14. jorn.hattestad (verified owner)

    I have this TC95 V3 16×19 in 330g/12pts hl version. I used to own an identical spec V2, and while I loved the results I could never quite get used to the feel. There were always some odd vibrations that I really disliked, so I ended up selling it.

    This V3 though is for some odd reason completely different, feel wise. It has none of those vibrations that I found so annoying in the V2 racquet, just buttery smooth and comfortable. One contributor to this might also be different grip shapes – my first Angell had grip B, this one has grip C which I greatly prefer. It allows me to use a more relaxed grip, and that possibly lessens the vibrations felt as well.

    I prefer it strung with full 16g poly at mid-40s tension.

    The V3 paint job is simply stunning as well, great looking racquet.

  15. racingteam13 (verified owner)

    What a Racquet!! Yes, with the “R” in capital, the is absolutely THE racquet! I own the 63RA, 16×19 320g 310mm balance. What to say… First impression was: wow, this racquet is amazing! Perfect impact with the ball, no vibrations to the arm but seems to be connected directly to the ball. The racquet, if used properly, has a lot of power, but you need a proper footwork, in fact if you are not balanced well, in this case the ball remain short and with the necessary power. Even if it is a 95 inches, thanks maybe the 16×19 pattern and conformation, it is a proper spin machine, able to give an impressive rotation to the ball, top or slice. The serve is even very good, flat or kick. I have to try volleys, but i think it will be very good even there. In the last couple of years, i played with some Wilson prostock racquets, and this one definitely have the same quality, or maybe a little more! And the cosmetic? The best racquet i ever see before!

  16. szemail (verified owner)

    I have 3 matched TC95s 63RA in 320g/10HL spec. This is a great playing frame that hits a heavy ball, imparts terrific spin, big serving and does not get pushed around. The comfort is excellent yet it is not so dampened and you still get very nice feedback. I have found a good control poly with decent comfort strung mid 40s is a perfect compliment to it. The frame simply allows me to play without a concern and play my all court style. It is a terrific volleys stick and who can resist the black and copper looks.

  17. georgi.k.popov (verified owner)

    This is my first Angell racquet and oh, boy, it’s the best thing I’ve ever played with! Simply an outstanding product! I ordered the 310 g, 315 mm balance, 63 RA, 16×19 SW – 296 unstrung. The customer service was great and was very helpful (I contacted Angell mostly through Facebook). Some observations:
    1. Superb quality, both the frame and the paintjob, which has already taken a lot of framed shots and no a scratch on it. I’d even say it’s a better quality build than the H..d pro stock I used to play with.
    2. The flex is indeed “uniform” as it is described at the TT forum; 63 RA is comfortable but definetely not a noodle, it has a certain crispness no it. Wonderful feel, completely connected to the ball, more so than anything else I’ve played with, absolutely NO vibrations and I play without a dampener. Very consistent stringbed – no hotspots, dead spots etc.
    3. The L3 B grip (with a leather grip)is I’d say true to size
    4. I don’t feel there is anything that the racquet cannot do and no shot that feels “hard to do”. In my spec it’s very nimble and the thin beam is superbly aerodynamic.
    5. Though the string pattern is open I wouldn’t say there’s a loss of control compared to all Head 98 18×20 frames (which are really a 95). Stability is great, spin and power are great (a notch below an APD but a lot better than the Heads and Wilson Blades, the power like a Ai98 but better spin), a very accentuated sense of plow-through.
    6. The performance on serve/groundies/volleys really mirrors everything said to this moment. It’s not a magic wand but it will probably improve what you have to some extend.

    I’m proud I play with a frame from a company that doesn’t look at it’s customers like they are sheep, and that actually puts money into production.
    I’m about 4,5 on a good day, have about 20 hours with the racquet, strung it with Yonex PTP 1.25 at 25/24kg. I’ve played with lots of Head Mids and MPs (basicallly all the famous ones plus more), Head TGT293.2, Wilson Blades, APDs, Yonex Ai98, Dunlops, Prince Warrior etc.
    This is the best and most complete racquet out of all of them.

  18. david.noble.jr (verified owner)

    I LOVE this racquet! I wanted a racquet that matched the same spec and playability of the old Wilson ProStaff 6.1’s I used to play with, and this sure did the trick! I went with a 70RA 320g 12ptsHL version, and then added 5g at 3&9 and counterbalanced appropriately to reach my desired strung spec of 345g, 10ptsHL, 330 swing weight. Every other racket that was close to being a good solution either gave me tennis elbow, or just was not as stiff/solid as I am accustomed too. Several played great, but left me crippled, and those that did not just left me wanting more… The difference with this racket is that Paul (the owner/architect of all that is Angell tennis) is focused on building a quality product, and does not cut costs on things like foam filling the racket, which for me makes enough difference in shock transmission to allow me to play with this racket without being left crippled afterwards. I am a 5.0 power player, that loves cranking 120+ mph serves, and an equally powerful ground game on both wings, so I need the right racket to bring the level of play I am accustomed to. The Angell Custom V3 TC95 16×19 70RA 320g 12ptsHL racket has definitely delivered!

  19. Ervins (verified owner)

    How can you not love this racquet!? Power, comfort, spin, control, it is all there. Some people call it Thor’s hammer because it really crashes the ball. So, I got two of these hammers in RA63 perfectly matched. The SW is slightly reduced compared to custom TC95 classic RA63 and V3 swings faster. This racquet is perfect for players who always wanted that TC95 classic RA63 feel but were not sure if they can handle higher SW. And those who like higher SW, now you have even more room for customisation.
    Almost forgot – the new cosmetics look fantastic!

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