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Designed for players that enjoy the feel of a mid sized frame but still want access to free power and spin generation, the REACT MID sets a new standard in all court performance. Specifically designed and engineered to be our fastest swinging frame in the range.


Not quite your specification? Build your perfect REACT CUSTOM racket here.

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Unstrung Specifications

Being in the right position at the right time is key to every winning shot. In today’s game, every millisecond counts which is why the new REACT models are packed with multiple design features to create the fastest and most manoeuvrable rackets on the market.

If you’re looking to dominate on court and control every rally, get into position early. REACT FASTER, PLAY HARDER

Key Features


Building on the success of our TC series “D“ beam cross section, the REACT models streamline even further to create a perfect blend of ergonomic and aerodynamic function.

Sculpted throat and bridge

Further lowering the frames air resistance, three key areas of the REACT throat have been specifically designed to allow smooth passage of air compared to traditional block radius corners.


The REACT models all feature a new recessed end to our popular over frame grommets. Both aesthetically pleasing and practical, the new design creates clean aerodynamic edge surfaces.


Smoother than Matte, slicker than Gloss, the REACT mid sheen paintwork offers incredibly low resistance to airflow on all shots.

react carbon fibre

Increasing stiffness on impact and enhancing feel, “REACT fibres” are strategically woven into the high modulus carbon used around the hoop of the frames.  Closely aligned with our K7 Aramid fibres, the new REACT fibres provide a level of comfort on par with our foam filled models but without the added mass.

Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg
Grip Size

L1 (4 1/8), L2 (4 1/4), L3 (4 3/8), L4 (4 1/2), L5 (4 5/8)

2 reviews for REACT MID 96

  1. paulinhobraz

    Review React 96

    -> React 96 16×19 310g / 310 hl strung with poly tour pro 125 yellow 50lbs. In the review I will cite comparisons with my Tc95 16×19 310g / 310 hl / 307 sw, also strung with yonex poly tour pro 125 yellow with 50 lbs. All the quoted specifications of the rackets are unstrung.

    1) Power

    The racket is clearly less powerful than the tc95. It has an overall low power profile. Power also lower than k7 red;

    2) Control

    Clearly more accurate and greater control compared to tc95 and k7 red. Launch angle very close to the tc95, however executing a ball with more spin or straight is much easier to perform react 96 due to its handling;

    3) Maneuverability

    Much, much better than. Tc95, the difference is remarkable. Very fast and manageable at the net, very easy to execute volleys that require quick reflexes. I believe that 90% due to the lower sw and 10% due to the aerodynamic characteristics of the react 96. I do not believe that if there is a tc95 with sw close to the react, the tc95 would have the same handling;

    4) Stability

    Extremely stable for the reported sw value (288 sw without string). Extremely solid in volleys and in hitting heavy balls, whether serves or more aggressive ground balls. Very close to the stability of the t95, even mine having 307 sw.

    5) Feel

    It has a much closer feel to the tc95 than the k7 line. I’d say it has 90% feel similarity to the tc95. The main difference is that in balls outside sweetspot the feel of the react is less muffled and clearer. But I felt that the react has less torsion in the head and less flexion in the throat than the tc95. The tc95 flexes more and the head area twists more.

    6) Comfort

    Very comfortable racket, I didn’t feel any discomfort in my arm. The comfort level is in line with the comfort level of the tc95. But the tc95 is slightly more comfortable outside the sweetspot. I think it’s more of an impression related to the feel outside the sweetspot, which leads to this impression.

    Overall the react 96 achieved the goal of being a more manageable tc95, keeping the same ball behavior DNA present in the tc95. If you are looking for a more manageable tc95, the react 96 16×19 can be an excellent option.

  2. paulmjohnson (verified owner)

    For a number of years I played with the Angell TC95 16×19 and after that and until recently have used a modified K7 Red.
    I like the solid feel of the TC95 but prefer the softer and faster through the air feel of the K7.
    I had always wished that the K7 Red had the “clout” of the TC95 without me having to modify it.
    In my opinion this racket perfectly combines the both.
    It has the more solid feel and greater power of the custom frames but also has the more comfortable and free swinging nature of the K7 frames.
    This feels like a racket which is truly made for the modern fast swinging game but without giving up the solid and arm friendly feel that Angell is so well known and respected for.
    In my opinion the React range is where Angell rackets are made for todays game.

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