Discover a range of top-tier Padel products crafted by Angell Custom Tennis Rackets. Explore our selection of high-quality gear designed to level up your game on the court. From the innovative REACT RC PRO to the reliable TC V5 PADEL, find the perfect equipment for you!

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    Designed for lightning reactions, the all new REACT RC PRO padel racket sets a new standard for Padel performance. Be ready early and control the game. Crafted with premium materials for precise control, this racket can take your padel game to a whole new level.

    not rated £65.00


    Designed to dominate, the all new TC V5 Padel Racket is our first “power” model in the Padel line up. Built to the same exacting standards as our legendary TC Tennis line, the TC V5 Hybrid Diamond breaks new ground in power and build quality. Level up your Padel game today!

    not rated £65.00