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Being in the right position at the right time is key to every winning shot. In today’s game, every millisecond counts which is why the new REACT models are packed with multiple design features to create the fastest and most manoeuvrable rackets on the market.

If you’re looking to dominate on court and control every rally, get into position early.

Build your REACT frame exactly how you like it.





Building on the success of our TC series “D“ beam cross section, the REACT models streamline even further to create a perfect blend of ergonomic and aerodynamic function.

Sculpted throat and bridge

Further lowering the frames air resistance, three key areas of the REACT throat have been specifically designed to allow smooth passage of air compared to traditional block radius corners.


The REACT models all feature a new recessed end to our popular over frame grommets. Both aesthetically pleasing and practical, the new design creates clean aerodynamic edge surfaces.


Smoother than Matte, slicker than Gloss, the REACT mid sheen paintwork offers incredibly low resistance to airflow on all shots.

react carbon fibre

Increasing stiffness on impact and enhancing feel, “REACT fibres” are strategically woven into the high modulus carbon used around the hoop of the frames.  Closely aligned with our K7 Aramid fibres, the new REACT fibres provide a level of comfort on par with our foam filled models but without the added mass.

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6 reviews for REACT CUSTOM

  1. ian.kennett (verified owner)

    Bought the React MP Pro and have been rewarded with a super playable racket that matches what I was looking for. Really good balance, hefty swingweight from a moderate static weight frame. The balance and easy swinging racket provides a solid return and a nice feel on impact. Serves, groundstrokes and volleys have all benefitted from the get-go. No issues with arm comfort at all. Strung initially in Halo Comfort @ 48lbs and restrung after 12 hours of play to Halo Spin 7. For me, the comfort and feel were more to my liking with the first string.

    I have subsequently bought a second closely matched frame and strung with Halo Lime Hex @ 48lbs – very nice string and I think my favourite so far with the React MPP.

    Thanks Angell!

  2. Simon Gmür (verified owner)

    Love this racket. I use the specs from the mp pro. For me it is the perfect mix between my two previous rackets, the Vcore Pro 97 and the Vcore 100. It has the nice feel I like about the VCORE Pro, but much more power and forgiveness (which was the great thing about the Vcore 100). Everything about it feels really nice, so would definitely recommend.

  3. Justin Lazarus (verified owner)

    Bought the MP Pro and added a black leather grip back in July. Just placed order for a second.

    I originally bought the racquet for me, but my 15 year old daughter started hitting with it and she loved it immediately. Observationally, she’s getting really good power and top spin off the ground strokes, good bite on slices, plus nice maneouvarability around the net. Serves are still a work in progress, but that’s more a technique thing. I thought the 305 unstrung weight might be too much for her, but I think the head light balance and aerodynamics compensate well.

    I really liked the racquet at the net when I had the chance to use it. I found it super stable even off centre. Only issue I found was it was almost too quick through the air on groundies, and I lost a bit of timing. I think if I’d played with it longer then I would have adapted. My daughter has had no issue there at all.

    We strung it with Alu Power Ice Blue at 51lbs. I’m not into aesthetics generally, but the racquet looks great, so we picked a string that really complemented the look.

    Anyway, my first Angell (now second) product, and it gets a thumbs up from us.

  4. alex (verified owner)

    React Pro MPP 99, 18×19,310g, 10pts HL, Head Velocity 16 @ 56lbs.

    This racket is super. I’ve only played a couple of times due to injury. Compared to my TC100 (16×19,70ra) it has a much softer/flexi feel and a noticeably lower swingweight. Took a while to adjust my swing and timing as it goes through the air much quicker than the TC100.

    It will be interesting to see how it/I cope with hard hitting opponents – the TC100 feels a little more stable, a bit more of a clubbing stick that may do better here but is still early days and expect the React to be fine with a few more plays. (It took me 6 months to be fully happy with the switch from TC95 to TC100)

    Quality and look of the frame is the same as my other Angells (TC100 and TC95s) i.e Perfect.

    Highly recommended.

  5. David Shevsky (verified owner)

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this racquet. I have purchased a few Angell custom racquets before. The React has the same great feel and control but with a bit more power. The feel is tremendous with no tension on my arm ( I have had several issues with my elbow and shoulder). Simply a dream racquet. The process with the company is so easy and the shipment process to the US is fantastic. I use the Angell Custom Control Hybrid strings and they are great. Just buy this racquet. You will not regret it and am confident once you do you will be hooked.

  6. joep (verified owner)

    Another excellent Angell frame!
    My first Angell experience was a TC97 18×20. Excellent frame. A better racket than the Wilson Six One 95 and the Head Prestige MP I grew up with for about 2 decades.
    I also play the TC95 16×19; different frame but nevertheless I can switch between the TC97 and the TC95 without any problems.
    I ordered a React 96 16×19 with the same specs as my other Angell frames.
    Same Angell DNA.
    Lots of controll, excellent feel and precision. Although the RA is slightly lower than my 63RA TC95, it feels different. Almost a little bit stiffer. My TC95 has more power, probably due to a higher swingweight but the React has more precision. It looks and feels great. Throat is a little different than the TC95 but holding and swinging the racket feels familiar.
    Biggest difference with the TC95 is the stiffer feel but that doesn’t mean more power. Just a bit more precision and control and it’s a little easier to swing.

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