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We have turned up the HEAT for our V5 range.

Our HotMelt XT resin is heated beyond 260 degrees to reduce its viscosity to the max, ensuring total coverage of every strand of carbon fibre.

The result? Our most superior feeling range of TC models to date and the highest standard of custom racket manufacturing in the industry.


Hotter resin, void free flow, perfection manufacturing.




Our focus has always been to deliver quality products that are built to the highest standards and incorporate technology that benifits players. Nothing else.


We have turned up the heat on our raw materials to lower the viscosity of the resin used to coat our High Modulus fibres. The result is “Total Coverage” or as we like to call it, “Perfection Manufacturing”.


Heat and pressure are used to mould our carbon frames into shape. Our MICRO BRAID layer minimises resin flow out of the frame structure resulting in a more consistent product.


All Angell custom models are filled with our unique Foam Core to provide a high level of dampening and the unmistakable feel of a solid filled frame.


We don’t believe a custom racket means paint colour. Define your exact frame specifications using our online racket configurator.

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Weight 1.1 kg

9 reviews for TOTAL CUSTOM

  1. avv.paolo (verified owner)

    I buy a 100 V5 325 balance 300 gr, and I fell perfect.

    Is the second time I play with, and I understand in which way the ball go faster than 280 TC pro that I’ve since 10 years.

    I’m glad of the choose.

  2. rrjoyce (verified owner)

    Over the past few years I’ve jumped around with the current rackets on the market from small headed Prince 93p’s to as large as the SW102 Blade. I’m a pure serve n volley attacking player. The longer 28” stick of the SW102 really helps my kick serve and allows me to still come to the net in the modern game – but, the larger head and lower weight really hindered my volley accuracy and plow through. And all the smaller headed frames on the market have low RA stiffness – they are great at net but really lack that extra power on serves. Hence my search and discovery of Angell. The TC90 on paper checked all the categories of what I believe is the ideal serve and volley frame: small head (maneuverable and accurate volleys), 1 inch longer (increased power and kick on serves), and solid (foam filled) and heavy (great plow through, stability and penetration on volleys). I’ve used the racket for 2 weeks now and played over 7 matches. It plays exactly how I expected. It’s stiffness gives the small head the power it needs and the racket feels as solid as a Pro Staff 85. Many people seem to be scared of its stiffness but that’s the beauty of this racket. Because of its solid foam core the stiffness isn’t noticeable at all like on a Pure Aero. It just feels solid without vibration. I ordered the TC90-330g, 10pts HL, 28”, grip A. Nothing on the market compares to this racket. This is a dream racket. Don’t change a thing Angell. I hope Angell continues to make this for decades to come and I’ll be ordering a 2nd one soon.

  3. bruigrok14 (verified owner)

    For some years I have been playing with the TC-97. The specs are 335g, 12pt HL.
    The string I use is a medium stiff poly, 1.20mm.
    Recently I took delivery of two new frames and besides their great looks they play fantastic.
    I experience a firm racket with plenty control and power.
    With the possibility of choosing your preferences (mass, balance, etc) the TC-97 offers you a big range of different rackets within one frame.

  4. Luis Francisco Medina

    I was introduce to Angell with a K7 racquet. I really like it specially its comfort and I was planning to get a second one with a little more power (stiffer). I am concern by the 71ra however by the comments I am reading here it seems not an issue with Angell. And as bmgall1 I want something not too tough on my arm (which as well is my main concern). So should I give it a try?…. By the way excellent customer service. So long from Montreal

  5. bmgall1 (verified owner)

    I have been a fan of Angell frames for many years. In my opinion the best build quality, performance, and customer service in the industry. I have been playing with the Cyan racquets for a few years and wanted to try a stiffer (71ra) 100″ racquet and purchased the TC100. I’ve been using it for a couple of months and it has been a fantastic frame. The stiffness adds a bit of power but is not tough on my arm at all (which was my only concern). VERY comfortable with nice sized sweet spot, swing speed, and control. I strongly recommend this racquet for those interested in the specs!

  6. Brian Battersby (verified owner)

    This was my first customized racket from Angell. I must say it has made quite a difference in my playing! Being able to customize the racket has helped to create the perfect racket for me! I was previously playing with a Wilson ProStaff racket, but it was a bit too light and a bit too short. However, I did like the smaller head of the ProStaff racket. With the many available customization options, I was able to create a racket with the same size head, but with more weight and a longer reach! PERFECT! It has made a big difference with the quality of my playing. I will certainly be ordering another one soon to have a backup.

  7. Simon Gmür (verified owner)

    My 2nd angell racket after the react mp pro. I like this one even better (TC 100, 71RA, 305g). It has great power but still a very nice feel.

  8. mricks33 (verified owner)

    I have so much confidence in these rackets I recommend all the students I teach to find their favorite specifications and order the best made racket they will have ever played with. My playing days include being a top ranked division 1 player at the University of Washington and now teaching tennis for almost 15 years. Over the past 5 years I have taught and played with the TC 95 (16×19 330 grams and 12 pts hl) and I have no arm issues at all, love the feel, power and comfort! I feel very fortunate to have found a custom brand that is so precise and well made!

  9. Terry

    I have been using TC100 frames for over 8 years. They just keep getting better. The V5 is a very comfortable racquet, not as crisp as the React line because of the foam filling, made up in my specs to perfection. (316 grams, 31 balance, 294 swingweight, 4 1/2 grip B)
    The mix of power and spin is great.

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