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V5 TC97 – 18 x 20

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A new version of our control orientated CUSTOM TC97. The slightly denser string spacing creates a stable hitting surface at any string tension whilst still allowing spin generation and plenty of power.
Enhanced feel and stability come from the new box section design, whilst the hoop beam thickness is slim to allow plenty of flat shots without the fear of framing.


Available from stock at the specifications shown, or build your own version using our custom racket builder.  CUSTOM





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Designed for the modern game but with the addition of a dense string pattern, the new TC97 V5 18×20 is the perfect choice for players seeking a powerful but control orientated frame. Enhanced feel and stability come from the box section design, whilst the hoop beam thickness is slim to allow plenty of flat shots without the fear of framing.

Featuring the stunning V5 HOT MELT XT paintwork, its a serious style contender, but with more substance than its competitors can offer thanks to the unique way each frame is configured to meet the needs of the player. The TC97 V5 custom racket is the perfect frame for everyone, just build it how you like it.

Unstrung Specifications

Key Features


Our focus has always been to deliver quality products that are built to the highest standards and incorporate technology that benifits players. Nothing else.


We have turned up the heat on our raw materials to lower the viscosity of the resin used to coat our High Modulus fibres. The result is “Total Coverage” or as we like to call it, “Perfection Manufacturing”.


Heat and pressure are used to mould our carbon frames into shape. Our MICRO BRAID layer minimises resin flow out of the frame structure resulting in a more consistent product.


All Angell custom models are filled with our unique Foam Core to provide a high level of dampening and the unmistakable feel of a solid filled frame.


Looking for something slightly different to match your style? Build your own TC97 with our industry leading CUSTOM system

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Weight 1.1 kg
Grip Size

L1 (4 1/8), L2 (4 1/4), L3 (4 3/8), L4 (4 1/2), L5 (4 5/8)

16 reviews for V5 TC97 – 18 x 20

  1. Harshjeet Singh (verified owner)

    So I’ve had my TC97 18×20 for about a month now, and can say without reservation that it’s the finest racquet that I’ve ever owned. To get this out of the way, I’m in my early 50’s & have played tennis for 45 years so I have play tested & owned a LOT of frames, but after a very helpful conversation with Paul I decided to take the leap & go full custom. I chose 300 grams for the simple reason that the last few frames that I’ve owned have been 305, and as I get older I have felt a pinch of arm fatigue if I go 3 sets. My TC97 has checked all of the important boxes for me- terrific maneuverability, buttery feel & the amazing dichotomy of feeling very plush, and yet very responsive…and I’ve never owned an 18×20, but now when I aim for the line I pretty much nail it…it just feels like a sports car that will do pretty much whatever you ask of it. Highly recommended.

  2. Fazal (verified owner)

    As a former professional tennis player and a coach, I absolutely love the Tc 97 18/20. I had my 13 year old tryout the stick at 320/305 and it really plays like a dream. We tried out the 95 and 90 as well and we will go with the 95 frame for him. Many of my competitive students play with the 97 18/20 at different specs and everyone loves it. It’s a very well made racket. Good job to Paul!

  3. Ted S. (verified owner)

    My specs are: V4 TC97 18×20, 315g, 315mm balance, strung at 52lbs. I am a 61 year old 3+ player who likes to play all-court; constantly trying power, touch, spin as the moments present themselves.

    I started out with a Wilson 85 J Kramer Staff and moved up to a couple of 100’s (Gamma and Prince) before landing here with Angell. The 100’s gave more power, spin and forgiveness but always felt a little “scattershot” in accuracy. Both 100’s met untimely ends due to slips out of my hand (cracked frames). I went back to the Wilson and found my game had improved enough to appreciate the control aspects of a smaller head.

    After some emails with Paul I decided on the TC97 over the K7 lime (needed a 5 grip). For me it is a very good balance between power and accuracy. I have been using it for over 6 months now and am still surprised by the accuracy and power I get from it. Many more shots are right inline with my target, not just “somewhere close”. Spin is less than the 16×19 on the 100’s but still effective. No arm/elbow issues. I had intended to place some weight at 3 and 9 as needed but find that the racket is stable at the net and doesn’t get “pushed around” from off-center hits. I am very happy with my choice and look forward to many years of play with this racket. If I have another “untimely slip”, Angell will be my first place to look for a replacement.

  4. rshett (verified owner)

    I ordered two frames w/ similar specs 320g/10pt HL/300 SW all unstrung in 18×20 and 16×19. A minor difference is when strung, the 18×20 has 1.7g of more string and as a result 1SW higher… for me though the specs were virtually identical. Other than putting an overgrip, I liked not having to modify or tweak the racquet.

    Both frames are lovely to swing and I need 5-6 minutes to swap between them. There is a difference in launch angle which makes it seem like the 16×19 is more powerful, but I feel this is more perception than reality. Indeed using swingvision (albeit imperfect) mph were more or less the same.

    I ended up preferring the 18×20 and hope this review can help others looking at the frames. First, I took up the 97 over the 95 because I like the boxier beam of the 97. I haven’t hit w/ the 95 but I’m sure it’s a great frame. This is just a personal preference as both frames are virtually identical in size. I did consider the 101 but as I have a one handed BH, I felt it would cut through the air more naturally w/ the 97.

    The 18×20 makes slices vicious. I chip/charge in doubles and in singles I slice Bh 90% of my returns and at 2/3rds of my BHs. So this shot is really augmented. As a lefty, I’m usually hitting my BH into a FH and I find this slice really neutralizes. One guy commented that he felt he never got to hit a FH 🙂 On my FH side, it feels solid and precise. Short balls are very easy to handle and either put away or setup an easy finish at net. Defensive shots are fine.

    Down sides would be topspin serves and they do not reliably jump out of people’s strike zones as opposed to the 16×19. I’ve switched to using a slice serve for my second and only using the topspin for change of pace or if there’s bad sun position.

    I also looked at Prostaff v13 (not quite as comfortable as Angell) and the Head Speed Pro (preferred the heavier ball w Angell and slightly more comfortable BH). Finally, the quality control is excellent. Will likely add another pair of tc97 18×20 next time they have a sale and I feel confident they’ll send me frames that match up.

  5. Carlo (verified owner)

    v3 tc97 310g 9pts head light

    I was looking for a replacement for my Pure Strike 18×20 and had demo’d nearly all the racquets that fit my specs: prestige mp, prestige pro, yonex vcore 95, yonex vcore pro HD, yonex vcore pro 330, tecnifibre T40, and more many more. All these racquets had aspects of what I wanted in my ideal racquet, but not everything. That was what spurred me to made the decision to purchase an Angell racquet.

    After playing with this racquet for about a week, I can honestly say that in 10 years of playing tennis I’ve never played with a better racquet. The control, feel, and stability of this racquet are out of this world, while the power is exactly where I want it and maybe more than what you would expect from a racquet of its specification. On top of it all, the racquet is very comfortable. Even as someone with a sensitive elbow I can string it up even with a stiffer poly and not feel any strain on my elbow. Not to mention that the octane paintjob is world-class, something most big racquet manufacturers miss the mark on.

    Customer service was outstanding and was everything that angell’s reputation preceded it to me. Paul was incredibly helpful with giving me advice on what racquet to purchase, which made the decision to outright purchase a racquet I had never played with much easier.

    The only problem this racquet has caused is the dilemma of deciding what paint job I should select for the second racquet I order.

  6. dwj0510007 (verified owner)

    V3 320g unstrung, 310mm balance with leather grip.
    Played Head Speed Pro and Wilson RF97A for many years but this TC97 18*20 is better for me in terms of weight, balance, solid feel, comfort and arm-friendly.
    It is 66RA but feels even softer than 62RA Speed Pro, maybe because of foam core filling.
    Ordered TC97 16*19 at the same time, but prefer 18*20, 18*20 is very good at control. In the upper half of the stringbed, the crosses have been widened to create more power and spin. in the middle of stringbed, the denser crosses to create more control.
    Will try ASL2 and K7 Lime later.

  7. edelp (verified owner)

    In addition to the V3 TC100, I ordered a TC97, could not resist. As I have the prostock version of an old head classic (pt630) and a non-retail Wilson frame (h22), I wanted to see whether this frame is comparable as some were saying to the two super Pro circuit used frames. I ordered it also in the same specs 300gr and 32,5 cm Balance point.
    Wow. On the level of these two. A hybrid of these two.
    I was aware of the high probability that I would need something else (the tc100) as go-to frame, but what a quality frame. Plush, plow, superb control, feel, comfort, slice, nice power, for people who generate their own power and are fit, this frame is really spectacular. Can only recommend it for people using PT630, Wilson Blade, Wilson H22, Tecnifibre TF315 ltd., Wilson ultra tour, Head Prestige, Old Head Radical…Try this one.
    As I said with the TC100 the paint quality is extremely good as well.
    This TC97 18×20 is a wow frame! at a competitive price!

  8. joep (verified owner)

    I have been playing with an Angell TC97 18×20 for 2 years now, since last year with the V3 ( 320g weight, 310mm balance )
    Previously played with the Wilson Six One 95 and the Head Prestige MP but the Angell TC 97 is a better racket than both.
    Equal in terms of control but with better feel and much more arm-friendly.
    I can hit as hard as possible while maintaining control.
    An absolute top racket, you can feel and see that you have a great product in your hands.
    Anyone who loves a players racket will definitely love the Angell V3 TC 97 18×20

  9. andresracevedoo (verified owner)

    I am a 5.0 player, and after demoing about 15 racquets trying to get away from my tennis elbow, I finally decided to pull the trigger and buy a pair of TC97 18×20, I’ve been using extended length racquets for a few years so I decided to go for the 27.5″ 300g and 6 pt hl with an Angell leather grip, and could not be happier, swing weight is still very manageable, the racquet comes fast through the air. I imagine that is because of the foam filling, but the racquet feels extremely solid, even at 300g unstrung, i feel there’s no need for lead tape, the racquet has incredible control, the extended length gives a good extra power and torque, and the best thing, I can play tennis pain free for the first time in a few years. Also, I would recommend to everyone to try the Angell leather grips, they have a great feel that compliments very well this incredible racquet.

  10. karl (verified owner)

    I have a TC97, 320g, 10 pts HL. It is a good racket. Serve is much better. I struggle with my slice bh and I have got arm/elbow issues. It plays better indoor than outdoor. I played with Head Speed pro so I have not used to more weight in the head. I have decreased the tension to 52 for a hybrid set up, but I will probably go down to 49 lbs.

  11. konvelanis (verified owner)

    Just a quick shout out to Angell Tennis for constructing the most plush feeling buttery racquet I’ve ever used. I just had to order two more frames because I know these will be the only racquets in my bag from now on. A top shelf product!

  12. BRIAN (verified owner)

    I am a 4.0 doubles mostly player with 2HBH, but I employ a one hand on occasion. I pursue a complete game with variety of serves, volleying, and drop shots. I currently have used the 16X19 Pure Strike and sometimes the RF 97, which I would say, after demoing/owning many rackets, these are the best for their weight class, along with the Head Speed Pro for the 100 inch. After playing singles and doubles, I immediately found my Custom 97, 11 oz/9 pts head light, very solid, plush, great spin, and no flaws whatsoever. I let my buddy use it warming up, so I actually went from a 97 Pro Staff to my racket in a match, and my buddy was very impressed my TC 97. I would liken this racket to having the feel, accuracy, and control of both a Head Prestige and the Speed Pro, based on the string pattern, It was as solid on volleying and returning 4.0-4.5 level hard, flat, topspin, and slice serves as the RF 97 or Speed Pro. I was really hoping my TC 97, replacing now my Pure Strike, would afford me the awesome stability, accuracy , and spin I would get on command, and I really needed a more head light racket for maneuverability. My new racket not only met, but exceeded my expectations in all facets of the game.
    As a progressing 4.0, I have found that as one gets better, one should play with a smaller head size, maybe little heavier racket, and now that I have a 18X20 pattern, my return of serves and volleys are much more predictable and reliable.
    I would recommend for 3.5 level players and above to stop the racket shopping madness, and purchase an Angell racket, close to the specs you like. Mr Angell answered my questions, made a great recommendation, and within a week I received my racket, and I am playing with more confidence in all areas of my game. Don’t hesitate to purchase one of these rackets, I didn’t demo one, and based my decision on the reviews, talking to Mr Angell, and the fact I have tried most rackets on the market.

  13. macaumeng (verified owner)

    I am a 3.0-3.5 all-rounder and a recreational player. I’ve tried many rackets before,
    Wilson: Blx blade , Head: prestige 660, iradical MP, iprestige, fp presitge and youtek presitge MP, Yonex: RDX 500MP, DR98, DR100
    Babolat: pure drive, Dunlop: aerogel 4D 300 tour, Prince: Textreme tour 100P and some Volkls and Tecnifibre…
    FP prestige had been my main stick for few years, i dont have any complain about it but i need a lighter and faster yet stable racket, then i changed to DR98, it was a good racket before I tried the Custom TC 97.
    My TC97 is 300g unstrung and 6pt HL.
    I strung my Custom TC 97 with RPM @48P , in the first try I felt it’s very underpowered, but everything is OK, groundstroke, control, backhand slice were all good, just low powered. Before my next game, i customize the TC97 as my DR98, I put about 8g of lead to the handle to make both weight the same around 335g strung, with dampener and overgrip.
    It’s magically different!! All power came out after the customization, I felt my forehand was effortless with very good power and still have that directional control, slice backhand was as good as my FP prestige, it moved very quick in the air so volley was easy. Spin was enough(I dont care spin coz I like to hit flat shot). I really didnt find any shortcomings, may be the only one thing is the sweatspot it’s just a little bit smaller than DR98 yet bigger than FP prestige. TC97 is super stable, I dont know what magic did Paul put into the racket. If I can keep only two rackets in my bag, TC97 will be the one. I may order one or two more TC97 in the future. Everyone who is finding his holy grail should try it out.

  14. Stephen (verified owner)

    Initially I purchased the TC95 16×19 to play with, but after hitting and researching more I wanted to be able to compare it to a classic feeling frame with a more controlled pattern. This then gives me two options to hit with on different surfaces and singles/doubles. They are both very solid long term investments for enjoying this game. This time I went slightly heavier with 320g 10pt headlight.

    I play more with a nadal esque style of forehand in generating topspin but with a SW grip, and with a solid 1hbh.

    What can I say about this frame… It is beautiful from top to bottom. The B shape grip suits me wonderfully and the size is similar to my old Babolat Pure Storm Limited, potentially slightly smaller. I went with the 18×20 version of this frame due to its likeness to the old Head prestige lines and solid layup. The leather grip is very high quality and with super grap over the top it’s perfect. I am glad that I pulled the trigger again on my second Angell frame.

    Groundstrokes with this frame are effortless, there is superb feedback on every stroke and the ability to flatten out shots rivals the more bulky and more heavy competition from other brands. There is ample control and spin offered even from this 18×20 pattern and depth in all strokes is very easy to find. No inconsistencies on any of the strokes that I have been privy to on all of my hitting sessions. Backhands are slightly less enjoyable compared to the TC95, the flex makes whipping the racquet on the backhand easier. This is no slouch for 1hbh, it is solid and can easily generate lots of topspin or slicing the ball incredibly well.

    Volleying is where this frame shines, the feel and placement with power is addicting. When you feel the ball touch the strings the feel is immediate and stays there all through your hand and arm. There is no harshness, just an immensely pleasurable plush feeling with a great deep sound off the strings.

    Serving is solid, ample power and placement at will. Not quite as much pop as the TC95 but substantial enough for my game. I am still able to bully most opponents out of the game with my serve.

    Overall this frame does everything well, the best part is the feedback and knowing exactly where I make contact with the ball. It delivers the most plush and controlled game through heavy spin and depth of any frame I have used. The only frame close is my old Pure Storm Limited but the feel, feedback and power cannot be compared. I was hesitant of the lower potential spin with this pattern but it is still very easy to generate huge amounts and use it to control the court. The control and spin at shoulder height is unparalleled compared to my other frames. Power is slightly down compared to a beast such as RF97 but that is with gut mains and heavier static weight. The TC97 swings much easier, much cleaner and has an easier time with semi-western grips for heavy topspin from what I have noticed.

    I have probably 5 grams at 12 on my TC97. Overgripped and those are the only changes. I will add more weight around 12 for more power in the future if needed. I have it string mid-high 40’s with Diadem Solstice Power. I can foresee gut/poly will suit this frame exceptionally well.

  15. John Sedlak (verified owner)

    I honestly couldn’t have written a better review. I second the review above, this is the best feeling racquet I’ve ever used. My racquets are 27.5″ tc97 18×20, 330g 12pt hl , and I’ve never played better tennis. Screw the big companies’ poor quality control and fictitious marketing. Angell is pro tour quality, and needs to become more well known. Do yourself a favor and demo other racquets so you have an idea of your preferred spec or ‘dream racquet’ , and then order a Custom Angell that fits those specs. You won’t be disappointed.

    Open level player in Missouri Valley section, USA

  16. David (verified owner)

    I remember holding off on Angell racquets for a long time. I convinced myself that I didn’t want or need a “custom” stick, that I didn’t have a good enough idea of my preferred spec to risk the money, and that if everyone else seemed to be using racquets from the big racquet companies, why did I need anything different? In the meantime, I probably tried every major racquet line from most of the major manufacturers, and while there are certainly some nice choices out there, I always felt I was making compromises where I didn’t want to, whether on feel, power, stability, etc. Meanwhile, as the market has moved towards stiffer, lighter frames, the pool of flexible player’s racquets has continued to dwindle. I tried to convince myself that I enjoyed beating my arm up with the latest and greatest super-light, super-stiff racquets that have flooded the market (my arm begged to differ), and finally having exhausted virtually every option out there, I decided to take the plunge and purchase an Angell.

    As they say, better late than never.

    I’ve tried several of the Angell racquets and they are uniformly superb, different enough to appeal to various playstyles but clearly of the same high-quality pedigree. There are no new whiz-bang technologies. No “revolutionary new materials” that companies advertise to justify a new paintjob and $200+ price every two years. Just a commitment to high-quality materials and build quality that’s obvious from the moment you hit with the stick. Of the Angell line, the TC97 18×20 has become my stick of choice. The feel is just sublime. Whether due to the foam filling, extra graphite, and/or some other design wizardry that Mr. Angell has cooked into the frame, the racquet manages to filter out any harshness or discomfort while still transmitting the essential ball feel that tells you where the ball is on the frame. As a result, it’s easy to make any small adjustments or changes on the fly, because you know exactly what’s going on at contact. Yet for a flexible player’s frame, the racquet still possesses the forgiveness, power, and spin potential that players look for in the faster, spinnier “modern game.” Even on off-center hits, the racquet is still able to get the ball back deep. Power is substantial when needed, and spin is easy to come by even for an 18×20 pattern. One of my main concerns coming from a 16×19 pattern was that I’d be losing out on power and spin, but I haven’t missed it at all. Meanwhile, the main strength of this racquet and the 18×20 pattern is the laser-like control. The stick makes you feel like you can put the ball on a dime, and the confidence such control brings makes the frame a joy to play with. I’ve occasionally taken out some of my older frames to hit side-by-side, and invariably within 10-15 minutes I find myself reaching back for the Angell. It’s just that good. So if you’re looking for a plush, flexible, phenomenally controlled racquet with the forgiveness, power, and spin to stand up in the modern game, this might just be the racquet for you.

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