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V5 TC100 – 16 x 19

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Offering just enough power to make it a menace, the frame was designed to be as slim as possible to ensure you still get the feedback you need if you want to take your game to the highest level.


Available from stock at the specifications shown, or build your own version using our custom racket builder.  CUSTOM


L1 (4 1/8)
L2 (4 1/4)
L3 (4 3/8)
L4 (4 1/2)
L5 (4 5/8)
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With the increased preference of baseline play, the all new TC100 V5 is likely to be our best seller pretty quickly. Offering just enough power to make it a menace, the frame was designed to be as slim as possible to ensure you still get the feedback you need if you want to take your game to the highest level.

The 63RA version offers a more gentle approach on net shots and volleys whilst the 70RA version has already become the frame of choice for a number of high level professional players.

Dressed in the stunning HMXT cosmetic the TC100 V5 is every bit as good as it looks.

Unstrung Specifications

Key Features


Our focus has always been to deliver quality products that are built to the highest standards and incorporate technology that benifits players. Nothing else.


We have turned up the heat on our raw materials to lower the viscosity of the resin used to coat our High Modulus fibres. The result is “Total Coverage” or as we like to call it, “Perfection Manufacturing”.


Heat and pressure are used to mould our carbon frames into shape. Our MICRO BRAID layer minimises resin flow out of the frame structure resulting in a more consistent product.


All Angell custom models are filled with our unique Foam Core to provide a high level of dampening and the unmistakable feel of a solid filled frame.


Looking for something slightly different to match your style? Build your own TC100 with our industry leading CUSTOM system

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Weight 1.1 kg
Grip Size

L1 (4 1/8), L2 (4 1/4), L3 (4 3/8), L4 (4 1/2), L5 (4 5/8)


64RA, 71RA

33 reviews for V5 TC100 – 16 x 19

  1. Tyler (verified owner)

    I’ve been playing with this racket for about two weeks with my particular configuration at 310g/320mm balance. I’ve really enjoyed the racket and I haven’t felt that the racket lacks in any one particular area in particular, but I find that my serve has felt better since using the racket. I really appreciate the build quality and I enjoy the style of the racket. The people I’ve worked with have been extremely helpful in finding the best racket for me. The racket was assembled fast. Once sent it was delivered within two days to the U.S. I can’t speak highly enough about the racket!

  2. Saeid Sadeghi (verified owner)

    This is a great racket. As usual the build quality is superb and it feels really great for serves and at the net. What really stands out for this racket is huge serving capabilities due to larger head size, open pattern and thin beam which also makes this as one of the best rackets for slice and at the net. My particular configuration was 310/315 balance.

    The only negative I would have about this configuration is too much power on the forhand and also I prefer maximum 98″ head size for single handed backhand.

    Other than that, well done Angell.

  3. Rod Howe (verified owner)

    ……forgot to add 310g and 320mm balance.

  4. Rod Howe (verified owner)

    Been using the heavier Roddick / Tour versions of Babolat Pure Drive for many years, but looking for more control as my game has evolved. I liked the idea of staying with a 100 head size but with a thinner beam. There are not a huge amount of frames on the market in that category, with most having a softer RA. I tested various frames but after researching Angell I was keen to try one out. Luckily found a V3 TC100 70RA Octane on ebay that was very close to the spec I like, and after a bit of tweaking it worked really well for me. As I need two frames decided to purchase another from Paul. My spec: V4 TC100, 16X19, 70RA, grip A, standard length. I wasn’t too sure initially about the V4 cosmetic (love the V3 Octane), but it has grown on me and now have both, so all good!

  5. rez (verified owner)

    What a story. After borrowing one of my TC 105 (… and not getting it back), I needed a new one fast because I was going to play an ITF tournament in Turkey.
    Paul was so enormously helpful and delivered two new TC 100 to Switzerland within a few days. Since I have always played the same specification (310 gr. with SW 315 mm) for years, I needed no time to get used to it. From the first match everything was totally familiar and I felt totally confident. The hardness of the frame (RA 70) was not a problem at any time, quite the opposite. Every ball flew exactly where I wanted it to. When serving (not my strong point), I felt the solidity of the frame and I got through my service games quite well. One of my opponents was a real hard hitter and I appreciated every gramm of the frame on returns and also the volleys.
    Long story short … I won the tournament and couldn’t be happier with what Paul Angell delivered to me.
    Thank you for the exceptional and straightforward help in what was an uncomfortable situation for me.

  6. Damir Mustafic (verified owner)

    I moved from Babolat Aero to Pure Drive to Angell TC100 on coaches suggestion. Found my best game! I think I outgrew the 100 quick, but will get a smaller head size with the same specs.

    Most impressed by shipping time to U.S. It came in like a day from U.K. Never had that happen before.

  7. Aaron Boggs (verified owner)

    Was so excited to get my custom V4 100. The ability to customize the frame to exact specs is unparalleled. Weight and balance were exact, no margin for error! The racquet is incredibly comfortable and feels great coming through the air. I have been experiencing some tennis elbow recently but that was not an issue with this racquet. It demonstrates excellent control, touch and comfort with great pop when I need it. I don’t know why anyone would buy off the rack when you can build exactly what you want with Angell!

  8. dylangrace24 (verified owner)

    I had been researching Angell for a few months before I ended up buying the TC100. I bought the 315G, 310mm, 70RA version with a hybrid grip type. I was a previous user of the Wilson Clash Pro, and I really liked the maneuverability of the Clash Pro, but it really was hard to keep up with big hitters from the baseline. Anytime I was playing anyone who had big shots, the Clash Pro became unstable. I was looking for an “easy on the arm” stick to help, and I ended up with the TC100. After about a month and a half, I can say this is one of my favorite rackets I have used. There is really nothing I have found yet that I don’t like. I will say the 70RA is not too stiff, its stiffer than the clash but it hasn’t caused me any problems and it DOES NOT feel stiff like a Pure Drive at all. I get more pop on my serves, but I have never really had a big serve but it adds some MPH for sure. Groundstrokes are amazing, once you find the right string tension and string to use with this stick. I played with a full bed of multifilament string (Tourna Quasi Gut Armour 16G) and they only lasted about 2 sets before they broke. I have never broke strings that quickly, but the 16×19 string pattern on this racket is very open. I have since changed to a poly in the mains and that seems to last me about 9-10 sets. I also had to drop the tension down to 45lbs to get the comfort I was looking for. I was always stringing my Clash Pro at 53lbs, but the TC100 at 53LBS was really tight. Once you figure out the correct string and tension, it feels great. Volleys feel really solid, maybe because the racket is foam filled or I have more mass going through the ball. I had emailed Paul a few times before I ordered and he responded within a week or so of each email. I was looking for a specific swingweight and he was able to help guide me through the ordering process. The ordering process was very straightforward, and shipping was very fast. I got these rackets from the UK to Colorado in the US in about a week and a half to two weeks after I ordered.
    I now have 2 TC100’s and love them. The only complaint I have is the first stick got like 2 paint chips right away, and they aren’t scuffs, they are large chips. I am not sure why these chips happened either. I have not had that problem with the second racket I ordered. I would definitely recommend this brand to anyone who knows what specs they are looking for.

  9. supermac (verified owner)

    It’s been almost three years (but count lockdown in…) I’ve been playing with this frame (310gr, 315mm, 63ra, leather grip) and I can only say that it is the best racquet I can imagine of. You can feel the quality of the material since the first shot: the difference with mass market frames is very very noticeable. Solid, easy on arm, predictable, it takes just a while to get accustomed to and to find the right string combination (a soft poly for this flex being the best option, at least in my opinion). Many congratulations to Paul Angell for running this business whit this level of quality and committment and without selling out to marketing non-sense.

  10. georgi.k.popov (verified owner)

    My racquet of choice for the last 2 years was the TC95 (63RA, 310 gr., 315 mm, 16×19, 296 SW) – you can read my reviews in that section of the site but in short I was more than happy. However this summer I had the chance of playing with my cousin’s Babolat PD due to forgetting my racquets at home (tennis wasn’t planned during the trip) and I hit with it for 9-10 hours. While it lacked the quality of my TC95s I begrudgingly noticed that overall my level of play was a bit higher than usual and everything was easier. Playing “good” was easier and it was achievable more often. That’s what led me to eventually breaking and buying 2 TC100s (63RA, 300 gr., 325 mm, 290 SW). Great decision. It’s like playing with the TC95 and having a good day. The flex and feel is basically the same. A touch more power, a touch less control, a good deal more forgiveness. I’m playing closer to my best more often. I play about 3-4 hours a week and I’m more or less self-taught. I strung my 2 TC100s with either RS Lyon 125 or Yonex PTP 125. A third is on the way.

  11. Jmmah3 (verified owner)

    Purchased two versions of the TC 100 V3. First spec was 16×19, 310mm, 70RA, 10pts HL, and 310g. Second one was the same spec but weighted at 330g. Both specs play great. I’ve used a vast variety of frames throughout juniors and college and these definitely stand out in uniqueness and playability. It takes a little to get used to (I recommend using a slightly higher tension than your normal tension), but once you get these frames dialed in, they play amazing. The racket has a great combination of power and spin, has the ability to absorb pace really well, and has good access to power on the serve. The racket also has a classic feel and is easy on the arm. I personally enjoy the 330g since I like a slightly heavier frame, but the 310g is definitely a good choice as well. Highly recommend these frames if you’re looking for something different from today’s modern rackets.

  12. edelp (verified owner)

    I have played now around total 20 hours with the TC100 V3 RA63, all on hard courts.

    My TC100 V3 weighs only 290gr and has a BP of 32,5 cm.
    I can say I am very happy. It is in general an extremely versatile, very comfortable (key for me and my elbow), superb all around frame. My first impressions have been confirmed on stability. Surprisingly stable for such a low weight! Very good feeling, comfortable for now. Plenty of power, spin, decent control. Helps a lot in serves!

    In general very recommendable frame for a very wide group of players I dare to think. I struggled sometimes, especially in the beginning, with nearly too much power, had to use more spin, to avoid balls flying long. But I was playing with much lower powered frames in the last years, so a question to get used to it in the beginning and to use this “extra benefit”. Have to change to a lower powered string and / or string a little higher. Tried also some different strings (and gauges) and could not yet see that it is string sensitive.

    The TC100 gives me what I was looking for after trying some so-called tweeners that I never really liked as the stiffer feeling and the thick beam never made me feel comfortable and enjoying it. The TC100 is a thin-beamed frame, nice touch, comfortable racquet, a mix of players frame and full tweeners. Excellent. Just to mention that even though low weighted (and customized balance point by Angell) it shows a very “decent” SW. Most 290gr frames tend to be at 285 SW points or max 290, mine are 297/298. I ordered more. Dealing with Paul is always a pleasure.

    By the way, and after testing and trying easily 80 frames in the last 5 years (for fun also, not as search for a go-to) I have to say that in addition to the excellent comfort and the very solid feeling and so forth, the paint quality in itself is extraordinary. Can confirm the “built quality” mentioned by other users. No easy paint chips etc.

    Can only recommend it!

  13. sxn132 (verified owner)

    70 RA, 28″, 300g(10.6oz) / 325mm(6ptsHL)
    After almost a year of play I am very pleased with the effect the V3 TC100 has had on my game. The custom length was an initial motivator to get this racket, and it has surely paid off with a strong serve. Have tested several string combinations, and have settled on Luxilon ALU (mains) and Luxilon Gut (crosses) both at 57lbs, which provides a good balance and feel. The response on this racket is quite forgiving, which has helped improve my groundstrokes and limits potential injury. Would highly recommend this racket to others.

  14. collinswm (verified owner)

    This is my second foray into Angell – I bought two TC95 (16×19, 320gr, 305mm, 63RA) in June and proceeded to win 5 singles tournaments in succession with them. And while the rackets are undoubtedly surgically precise I was having trouble consistently finding the sweet spot. When I did I was able to hit from all areas of the court with amazing control and power but I need my footwork and timing to be perfect. Upon further enquiry Paul recommended a TC100 with 300gr, 325mm, 63RA specs as a sort of “relief” racket. I am writing this during the Wimbledon final having jusy ordered a 2nd TC100 (and 9 racket bag).

    My first match out with the TC100 made me wonder whether I might have overestimated my abilities when I went for the TC95. Everything I tried seemed ti work with the 100 – hard fast paced serves, whipped forehands down the line, sharp short cross court returns of serve, one hand backhands with heavy spin.

    It is a wonderful racket because it brings all the attributes of the 95 in a slightly easier to wield package. The racket is light, flexible and has a lovely plush sweet spot. For a guy like me who runs hot and cold, this racket really takes the pressure off to centre the ball on every stroke. And while the real estate difference is minimal on paper it really seems a larger head on court.

    I was experiencing a small degree of arm pain thr my 95 so I moved away from Solinco Hyper G to a softer poly – Luxilon Element – in the 100 and the level fo comfort is unprecedented.

    I did notice a minor lack of control off the strong bed at the net, but I am not a brilliant volleyer. The confidence with which i can hit serves and ground strokes (on both flanks) makes the trade off more than worthwhile.

    I intend to stick with the 95 as my primary racket. But for high pressure matches where I need a bit of help or where my timing and control are not on point, this will be my racket

    Strongly recommended – a great racket.

  15. justin.anechka (verified owner)

    70 RA, 310g; bought 4. Slight adjustment during the first few hours. Without question the best frame I have owned. Quality is obvious. Previously used Yonex player’s frames.

  16. garth.hunt (verified owner)

    Paul Angell must have sold his soul to the devil to make this racket. I have tried so many rackets but this one is in a class of it’s own…it’s my perfect racket.
    Literally ever stroke improved immediately (power and touch shots) and I am beating players that I previously struggled against.
    I purchased the 70RA 320g 310 balance version. This racket is very comfortable. The 70RA is the unstrung spec and is far more comfortable than my 64RA Yonex. This is the first time in years that I have no elbow pain.
    I have never been this pleased with a product in my life.
    Thanks Paul.

  17. robertmarmorstein (verified owner)

    This racquet in the 63RA option is very comfortable as it has a nice bit of flex. I’ve got a bad arthritic shoulder so take it from me, if I say this racquet is comfy, then take that to the bank. I like the slightly lower SW of this newer version as it allows me to add a few more grams of lead to the top area of the hoop to provide a boost in RHS. This racquet is a spin monster but you can also flatten out on shots just as well. I’ve noticed a look of pain on my opponents face as they realize that my incoming shots are much heavier than before:-) In addition, the racquet has plenty of stability and excels on under spin backhand shots too. The quality and looks of the racquet are sensational. Also, it’s nice to know that I can buy another one and have Paul match the same specs.

  18. b.erwin

    Excellent racket. Allowed me to play without pain despite recovering from a tennis elbow (from a previous racket of another brand). Expert advice from Paul and fast shipping complemented a wonderful product. Thanks!

  19. gertheller47 (verified owner)

    I loved my babolat pure drive, but my elbow didn’t. So I build, with advice from Paul, my own pure drive. But now with added feel and touch. I love it and so does my arm.

  20. BRIAN (verified owner)

    My friend, who is a strong 3.5 player with complete game who enjoyed his Prince Warrior 100 and Head Speed Pro ,but he, like most players, think a new engineered racket will enhance their lack of honing skills. He was looking at the Pure Aero, great racket, but I told him to wait and try my TC 97 just to see the fantastic playablity. I went on a limb and bought a TC100 10.6 oz/6 pt head light, with hopes my friend would love/purchase from me. I loved it when I played with it, but found it too powerful while providing amazing spin, especially on slices and kick serves My buddy played with the TC 100, and found immediately having even better slice and great backhands and effortless power on serves. The racket swings and maneuvers with ease, even balance after stringing. My friend had to add more spin on ground strokes for his shots landed longer than when he played with the Prince or Head rackets. All said, after two hours he’s buying the racket off me. The specs would be that of the Pure Drive, giving effortless power, with no dead spots, and spin of a Pure Aero. The Angell rackets have thin beams, but by no means affects stability, and assists in fast swings. I promote the TC 97 for faster swings and those who generate power themselves, and the TC 100 for those who want the best of all worlds, but have controllable flat game, or can swing with topsin.

  21. nwilliams

    I am a County and above level player with 25 years of playing (with breaks!). I have waited a while and played many, many sets over 6 months before posting this review. The shorthand is…1) the racket is superb and is absolutely what I wanted and I can’t see me ever changing again – 320g unstrung, 325g swingweight (the important bit), 70RA.2) Paul’s level of customer service was superb: he listened to me drone on about my best racket ever – the Wilson RF97A/ but one handed backhand weakness with such a weight/ getting old…blah and Paul produced a 25g lighter identikit racket and better. Paul customised a demo which I hit with for 2 weeks no questions asked – such great trust from Paul – and I ordered. It was “love” from the moment I picked up and swung my TC100 customised. This was astonishing for me as I so wanted to try the TC97 but immediately knew I would never need to. No other racket has given me this instant reaction (the RF97A took a while!) and the foam filled construction produces such a beautiful feel in contrast to the hollow, hard frames of today. I could write loads about its superb volleying feel and power; the directional control and spin(s) I can generate on serve; the directional control/ pin point accuracy from the baseline and the topspin and slice I can produce off my one handed backhand…but that’s all – it is hard to dislike this racket and 2 of my County playing mates have already switched to them!! The whole buying process with Paul is so welcoming, he always has time and met me on several occasions to listen closely. It’s a total contrast from buying off shelf, from a main Retailer with a “know a little sales assistant” and a production process which allows a +/- tolerance of 15 grams per frame (believe me I’ve worked on the inside for big brands and know). So….Think (or imagine) going to buy an Aston Martin… where you can choose and specify just about anything you want above and beyond chassis, drivetrain and gearbox; the essentials are 100% world class as a given , you just then want it tailoring to your preferences. It’s such a pity that more players have yet to experience the “Angell phenomenum” and they stay wedded to their main dealer brands (think Ford, Peugeot, Renault, Kia etc) but on the other hand, it’s great because everytime I walk on court or appear at a Club, my rackets and bag provoke a conversation and only the cogniescienti will ever know how good this racket really is. Well done Angell and thank you; be confident of your niche and let others form a queue at your door!

  22. Jesse Hayward

    After several winning sets and some great workouts I am going to marry this racket. I have been playing tennis for over 30 years and have a deep
    and abiding bond with the physical and mental challenges the game provides.
    I have never, however, been fond of the challenge of getting my racket just
    right. Thank you for doing that for me. Your 100 ra53 has both control and
    pop while simultaneously allowing me to open up the court like never before.
    I don’t move like I used to but your stick helps me hit my spots on serve and
    drive my one handed backhand to such a degree where as I don’t feel my
    age. In other words, your flawless design and precision fabrication have
    rejuvenated my game. Seriously, thanks.

  23. Jono (verified owner)

    My game has greatly improved, especially my serve. There’s so much to say about the quality of this racquet. I like the 100 because I hit with a lot of topspin. Choosing a custom racquet allowed me to get everything I wanted and have more confidence on the court. The specs I ended up choosing are almost identical to the tour 100 apart from the C grip. I must use that because I played with Prince for many years.
    The customer service was also very good. I was never blown off or treated badly and I got exactly what I needed.
    Happy hunting.

  24. jeremy schlussel

    I give the TC100 4.75 stars since nothing is perfect (there are inherent tradeoffs when selecting a racket), however this is the closest racket I have found to perfection.
    27.25″; 70ra, added lead tape from 9-11 o’clock and 3-1 o’clock and counter balanced
    strung all in 345 grams. estimated 340 swing weight and 7 pts head light

    serve – this racket serves like nothing else and it isn’t even close. absolute bombs, second place is PureDrive Roddick. but with the added bonus that the TC100 feels great. I can feel the neck flex and explode into the ball. such easy power. my regular partners have commented on my serve after a match saying how much bigger it is. but power without placement means nothing, the TC100 has plenty of accuracy.

    ground strokes – again I feel the throat flex as I hit big heavy shots. tons of pace and spin. great directional accuracy. Easy to go from defense to offense is needed. My only slight complaint is that there is so much power (and this stick has a narrow beam!!!!), which if I am not careful, can make the ball sail when being aggressive inside the baseline or going for sharp angles. Adding more spin is the obvious answer (I would prefer not to tight string tension)… I am making that adjustment now.

    volleys – solid, ball goes where you aim, easy put-aways with little effort. I am still adjusting to touch volleys

    returns – amazing, between the weight, and all the power/ spin, short back swings and leaning into the contact point are rewarded with clean winners!

    bottom line – the 3 main areas of the modern game is where this racket shines: server, returns and base line groundstrokes

    one note, the leather 3/8″ size seemed a little small. I adding 2 over grips to build up the size. as a bonus I like the added weight in the handle.

  25. Mel McRee (verified owner)

    I played with Vantage frames about 6 years ago and absolutely loved them specifically because the specs I like in a racket aren’t available unless I customize it myself. I owned 3 of the 100sq in. 11.7oz 10pts HL 63RA frames and they were by far the best rackets I had ever played with in all my years. After my shop began selling rackets that were more readily available I naturally switched over and began using whatever they had that was the closest and then I would weight and balance them to 11.7 and 10pts. It was all good but I developed golfers elbow. Took a year for it to go away. Played a tournament in August of this year and pulled a muscle in my arm. I teach 30+ hours a week and can’t really give myself the opportunity to take 6 weeks off to heal so I just medicated and tried to make it work. After 6 months of cortisone injections, physical therapy and a daily dose of pain relievers the pain was getting better but by no means was I healed. I got the great idea to dig through my old bags of rackets and see if one of my old vantage rackets was still there and sure enough I still had one. I strung it up and started teaching with it. FOUR DAYS LATER my arm didn’t hurt. No more medicine, no more physical therapy. It was a miracle. I googled Vantage rackets and found Angell. After talking the rep (who immediately responded) on Facebook I was fully prepared to pay full price for a racket. I haven’t paid retail for a racket in 15 years. My racket shipped from England on Monday and by Wednesday afternoon I was hitting with it. I can honestly say they are the best rackets I’ve ever hit with and I never want another racket. I’m a firm believer that all racket technology is 99% BS and all that matters is weight, balance and flex. With Angell I get exactly what I want and I’m happy to pay for it. It feels great to play painfree. Thanks Paul and Angell Tennis for making a long day on the court feel good again. Customer for Life!

  26. ervins.elksnis (verified owner)

    My first Angell racket! I was so excited to place an order. All went smooth, great customer service and I got my frame in 7 business days.
    This racket rocks from the baseline. The blend of power and control is amazing. I went with 310g/315mm and it serves bombs.
    But what I like the most is touch and feel. I can play for hours with no arm or shoulder pain.
    I was blown away by the quality and could not resist and ordered also TC95 and TC97.

  27. tomcatvoodoo (verified owner)

    I’ve had my TC100 for nearly 2 months now – enough time to make it past the honeymoon period in order to give a more accurate review. I’ve been playing tennis for 30 yrs & this the best racket that I’ve ever hit with. I ordered a 27.25″, 70 RA, 300 gm, & 321 mm balance. I had a specific final swingweight range in mind & patiently waited for Paul to find the right frame to meet my specs – it was definitely worth the wait. Like Ron, there were many rackets I’ve used that did one thing well but was weak in another area.

    This racket felt solid all around with some specific areas that it excelled in for me – I can usually tell within the 1st 30 minutes of hitting whether it’s a racket I can work with. But, like with any new racket there is an adjustment period where I have to learn how a racket plays & making the adjustments to my game to optimize my performance with a particular racket’s strengths & weaknesses.
    This racket crushes the serve like a Babolat Pure Drive & thankfully this is the only similarity with any Babolat racket. The open pattern & flex gives amazing spin on kick serves. but also allows one to crush flat serves. The dwell time & feel is amazing – I’ve never had a racket feel so solid on serves & still have such flex for dwell time that allows excellent control on all shots & allows you to hold the ball a little longer on your strings – like what I do for passing shots. The touch & control is good for volleys & drop shots. The power level on groundstrokes is ample with the right string & tension – I’d place it above that of a blade 98 but less than the last model AeroPro – good for full swings & still keeping the ball within the lines. My backhand down-the-line is my best weapon, but I can’t hit it consistently with the modern, stiff offerings from many of the big racket companies today – I need to feel the flex & dwell on the racket to hit it with the precision I’m used to – this racket delivers on that.
    To me, this racket feels like a hybrid of 2 rackets I’ve used in the past with none of their weaknesses – the head liquidmetal radical & the blx blade 98. It has the crushing serve power of the blade & the flex, feel, & control of the radical.
    Due to the open pattern, I had some trouble in dialing in my flat forehand in the beginning but sorted it out with a more crisp string like a luxilon & a thicker gauge. After playing with this racket, I really don’t have much desire to play with any other brands & have already sold off nearly all of my old rackets in the closet.

    Paul’s craftmanship, quality, & customer service is unmatched. I’ve never had anything that I’ve ordered online shipped to me so fast.

  28. nuno.silentman (verified owner)

    I recently got my custom tc100 and since the first ball i played notice an instant difference regarding m older racket , the design is brilliant the feel is phenomenal ,the power is easy to generate and its very comfortable definitely a very good upgrade for my game.Fantastic build ,excellent costumer service i definitely will be referring this company to all my player friends.

  29. Justin (verified owner)

    First time in 6 months I can play without any hint of stiffness or pain. The frame is incredibly well dampened. Chose the 300g 6HL 70 stiffness version. Had a small adjustment period finding the sweet spot and even during this time there was no discomfort off off centre shots. Serving is a breeze and am definitely picking up more speed and spin.
    Groundstrokes are more powerful than anticipated so restringing it a couple pounds tighter. I’m blown away by the quality. Will be ordering a second matching frame. Thanks again for making tennis pain free and highly enjoyable.

  30. Ron del Rosario

    I’ve spent decades looking for the best racquet, but could never quite get everything I wanted. Some would be great at groundies but very little serving pop or great at generating spin and power but unstable at net or pretty good at everything but it killed my elbow and shoulder. I knew that pro tennis players heavily customize their racquets to their exacting specifications, so I started looking at custom racquets. But the ones I discovered were way too expensive until I found these. I measured the specs on my last favorite racquet and ordered this one, and boy, I was pleased. This is a pure pleasure to play with, very stable even on mishits, pretty decent pop when needed, great access to spin, and no problems at all with my arm. I’ve been playing almost 3 years with 3 of these and haven’t looked at any other racquets since.

  31. Gustavo Astorga (verified owner)

    Unique feel, coupled with excellent all-round playability.
    Fantastic build quality and customer service

  32. Johnathan

    This frame fits me perfectly!! I have tried so many frames, and nothing comes close to my TC-100!! I love customizing the grommets and grips to match my strings, and making themed racquets (I made a cool one for WImbledon this year, all green!). When I got mine, and held in it my hands, I could just tell I was holding something special. The paint is the highest quality I have ever seen (and it can take a hit!!), the weight and balance I chose are perfect, and with the foam filled frame, I can just plow through the ball and it feels awesome. I will be getting a few more, now that I know just how special these frames are. The build quality is magnificent, the materials used are top notch in the industry, and Paul’s customer service is unparalleled!! Very satisfied customer, and extremely happy tennis player 🙂 Now I just need a custom bag and a few more TC-100’s…and maybe a 97!!

  33. malcolm741 (verified owner)

    I recently purchased the TC100 at 300g / 6pts HL and with a leather grip.
    I’ve been playing tennis since I was around 5years old (I’m now 52!). I know what I like and the TC100 at this spec suits my game perfectly. From the baseline I can hit topspin or slice forehands and backhands with accuracy and just the right amount of power and touch. Serves i can hit with power / spin / accuracy. The weight allows me to manoeuvre the racket quickly for volleys at the net.
    It has a very forgiving head, a smooth buttery feel (similar to a Head Prestige) with no vibrations and a perfect swingweight.
    I can’t tell you how pleased I am with this racket – it’s re-invigorated my game. I have so much more consistency now and for me, a revelation. I’ve just purchased my second at the exact same spec.
    Fantastic build quality and great service from Paul.

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