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Designed to compliment today’s modern style of play, the ASi 2.0 sets a new marker on the racket evolution timeline

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Specifically designed for the modern game the ASi 2.0 combines high modulus carbon fibre with an injection moulded lower body, connecting you directly to the
sweetspot on every shot.

Injection moulded from a dual polymer, the lower body runs from endcap to bridge, where it connects directly with the central 6 main strings.

High modulus carbon chassis ensures a high level of power and stability whilst the lower body puts you in direct control and reduces vibration.

To dominate the game today, use the HYBRID racket of tomorrow.


Frame Features

Hybrid Construction
Dual Polymer Injection Moulded Body High
Modulus Carbon Chassis
Injection moulded handle with integrated endcap


Unstrung Specifications

Headsize – 100″
String Pattern – 16×20
Weight -317g / 11.2oz
Balance – 305mm / 12 pts HL
Swing Weight – 262
Stiffness – 64RA
Length – 27.” / 688mm


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Additional information

Weight N/A
Grip Size

L2, L3

3 reviews for ASi 2.0

  1. paulmjohnson (verified owner)

    In my opinion the ASi does not play remotely like any other racket in the Angell lineup. I have no idea how it works so well when you consider it’s specification but it really does.
    The unstrung weight is only slightly lower than my normal TC95 and TC90 frames but the swingweight is lower than any racket I have ever played with.
    However, it swings much lighter than it’s static weight and hits a much harder ball than you would believe possible at its swingweight. It also hits deep ground strokes with incredible accuracy.
    I think Angell sum it up really well when they say it is made for todays game as it plays best with fast modern strokes.
    You would think that it would need a lot of lead to make its really low swingweight work, but I have found quite the opposite.
    Admittedly I use a gut poly hybrid string but with that I found it plays best with little or no lead and still plays consistently deep and accurate.
    To anyone who thinks that Angell only make traditional and classic frames ( which they do and are probably the best in the business at it! ) I would say to try this one.

  2. Hideo (verified owner)

    ASI is too cool! What a design. This was also well received by tennis friends around me. More than that, what is this feeling! A pleasant feeling of hitting, swinging through with a balance of 305, no one can stop it anymore. However, I still can’t grasp the volley, so I’m going to change the string and try it again. It’s a loss if you don’t buy this! I think I can still enjoy tennis. Thank you, Angell!

  3. markrackham (verified owner)

    Wow this racket looks amazing in the flesh. The paint and the finish are as always with Angell rackets top class. The racket has a different feel to my normal go to TC100. This is not a bad thing at all. I have only so far had one chance to try this new beast in anger on the court. The tight central string configuration gives you the control you need. Oh the power! i have had to concentrate on my spin to keep the ball in court (tighter stringing maybe needed). My set up with Angell copper hybrid strings was awesome at the net with the added leather grip i felt in full control and i was using drop shots like a fantastic Spaniard (Ok in my head anyway). Yes i need more hours with this to provide a better review. however with the rackets i have used over the years i can tell when i want to keep a racket in my bag rather than move it on. I need more time with this racket maybe a little tinker with the tension and add some lead to find the sweet spot. However this is a top racket.

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