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Designed to compliment today’s modern style of play, the ASi 2.0 sets a new marker on the racket evolution timeline

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Add to your game with the ASi 2.0 Tennis Racket from Angell Custom Tennis Rackets, crafted in the UK for tennis players seeking unrivaled performance. Featuring a cutting-edge hybrid design integrating high modulus carbon fibre with an injection-molded lower body, this racket delivers unparalleled power, stability, and control on every swing. Designed for the demands of modern tennis, the ASi 2.0 boasts a revolutionary construction that connects you directly to the sweet spot with precision and finesse.

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Injection moulded from a dual polymer, the lower body runs from endcap to bridge, where it connects directly with the central 6 main strings.

High modulus carbon chassis ensures a high level of power and stability whilst the lower body puts you in direct control and reduces vibration.

To dominate the game today, use the HYBRID racket of tomorrow.


Frame Features

Hybrid Construction
Dual Polymer Injection Moulded Body High
Modulus Carbon Chassis
Injection moulded handle with integrated endcap


Unstrung Specifications

Headsize – 100″
String Pattern – 16×20
Weight -317g / 11.2oz
Balance – 305mm / 12 pts HL
Swing Weight – 262
Stiffness – 64RA
Length – 27.” / 688mm


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Grip Size

L2, L3

12 reviews for ASi 2.0

  1. nwilliams (verified owner)

    I have been playing with the ASI2 now for a couple of months, having been lured away from my TC105, which I reviewed last year. This ASI has been a revelation for its control, feel and all round ease of use. Indeed, it excels best when absorbing opponents’ power and weight of shot and re-directing it back at them (or past them) with huge amounts of control and accuracy! I am using the Custom Control Hybrid string in it which compliments the frame beautifully and adds to the control. At first, I felt it was a little too under-powered and overly headlight, but 4gms of lead higher up in the hoop has rectified this and gives me more stability and weight of shot – but this is personal choice of course. It took me a while to really get depth and crispness into my volleying with the ASI 2, but everytime I go out this area improves and it is just a question of getting used to the unique feel of how the new technology works. Serving is a dream, with pinpoint accuracy on tap; I played a whole set recently without missing a first serve – a first in 20 years of play- and I think the 16×20 string pattern helps enormously here with just the right launch angle for me!!
    Overall, I am hugely impressed with the new technology and this ASI2 could just be a game changer in the industry. It isn’t just a new seasonal cosmetic repaint, or a tiny tweak of existing fibers with bold new claims – like so many of the Big Brands “innovations”, this is such an easy racket to play with that it inspires confidence at every turn. This racket is thus a confidence players racket ; the more you put in to your shots and game the better the racket works for you. I was trying to think of a suitable analogy and then I thought, this racket is like my trackday car; it’s difficult to drive slowly and a little clunky, but grab it by the scruff, dial up the power and let it work at its peak performance and the thing just rewards and rewards. The ASI2 is like that. you have to swing it; you have to let it perform by putting your all into it and it delivers its true performance back to you.
    Given confidence (or self belief) is the most important ingredient in a player’s ability to win, I think Paul and the team have constructed the frame to solidify this every time a player takes to the court. Trust your tools and your technique and they will deliver. Paul did it before with the Dunlop Max 200g – the step change racket required to move away from wood and he may be about to make another true technology step change again in the world of tennis rackets!

  2. mvalek (verified owner)

    looking forward to receiving a second one of these…..after a long time in permanent testing mode, always thinking something better was around the corner, i tried this frame…..its very good, huge amounts of spin and comfort…i haven’t found the need to add any weight, but that may change once the clay season begins. plus i’ll never see anyone else using one here.

  3. jrdoamaral

    Hello everyone!
    Júlio, from Brazil, speaking here.
    Another great weapon developed by Paul and his team! A unique racket!
    Totally agree with paulmjohnson below… Not even close any other racket in the Angell lineup or any brand…
    A great 100′ option for those looking for a super confident and very precise racket! The hybrid construction grants excellent touch and feel typical of vintage rackets, but with a design aimed at the modern game. The weight distribution guarantees a very manageable and fast racket, despite the static weight (317g). This facilitates access to the spin, although it is not a weapon necessarily intended for this. Even being a 100′ head racket, the power is low, ideal for advanced players with full swing. Even having a good weight in the original specs, in my opinion, it demands and has space (due to the weight and SW distribution) of a little lead tape on the hoop to increase the stability and the SW. And, even after the addition, it was still super quick and easy to handle! That is Great!
    After trying out several models of the brand (TC97 16×19 and 18×20, ASL2 and 3, TC 101 and K7 Red, Cyan and Lime), I became loyal to the TC97 and, in the last year, with the K7 Red. But, this new model made me think…
    Thank you Paul for this masterpiece! And thanks to the representative of the Angell brand in Brazil, Rômulo Ayres, for the opportunity to test this great racket!

  4. paulinhobraz

    Extremely comfortable racket and easy to use despite the higher weight. Great handling and level of control. Lower launch angle due to 16×20 standard. Racket profile for those looking for a 100 head that has more control, less power and likes a quieter feel.

  5. Mirisan Cristian (verified owner)

    OMG !

    The best racquet i have ever played with , and i tried at least 50 racquets so far .
    All i can say it feels solid and accurate like the Babolat Pure Control 95 320g 18×20 , but it is far more easy to swing .
    Another thing that strucked me was how well it plays on the one handed backhand …

    I have ordered a second one today and i think my quest for my perfect racquet has come to an end !

  6. rickyvm

    First of all, this is a good looking racket, I love it. It feels softer in my arm than other rackets I’ve played with, despite it’s weight, it feels light, quick and very confortable. First big difference I noticed as soon as I hit the first ball with it was the control, it’s just so good how much more control I get with it. And I can still generate the same power I was generating with other rackets, despite the low swing weight. This racket definitely works for me and I’m very happy with it so far.

  7. keithwilkinson (verified owner)

    This is an incredible racquet. Years ago I bought racquets from Paul but I never bought one without demoing. Because of Paul’s reputation I took a chance and bought two frames but had him string only one. The other I had strung using the jet method.
    I have used Pro Staffs for years and have demoed many other frames trying to find one that ‘feels’ right, and has the power and control I want.
    I have finally found my ‘holy grail.’ These are the most comfortable and best racquets I’ve ever had. At first I was a little concerned about the low swing weight but the power is there with control.
    I’m am an old school serve/volley player (yes there are a few of us left) and I love the easy maneuverability at the net.

  8. Justin

    Probably the most unique feeling racket I’ve had the privilege to hit. Has that soft solid feel of vintage 1980’s tennis rackets.
    Where this racket differs from most modern frames is the low swing weight of around 290g. Which translates to a very fast swinging ,low powered, control focused racket. The launch angle is a lot lower than my ASL3 so found myself hitting the net for the first 15 minutes .Once I adjusted my stroke I was rewarded with a very predictable ball flight. Found the frame to be very forgiving on off centre hits. Numerous times I was shocked to see the ball dropping in off on strokes that normally sail long or wide. Would recommend this to powerful fast swinging players looking for a racket with tons of control.

  9. berktum (verified owner)

    Imho it is one of the best and perhaps the most unique racket I have ever played with. It has a feeling of great control and comfort. I may be biased because I love 16*20 pattern but it does stand out from any other option of this pattern given its excellent dwell time and connection.

    It is a top notch racket with excellent qc. Worth a try!

  10. paulmjohnson (verified owner)

    In my opinion the ASi does not play remotely like any other racket in the Angell lineup. I have no idea how it works so well when you consider it’s specification but it really does.
    The unstrung weight is only slightly lower than my normal TC95 and TC90 frames but the swingweight is lower than any racket I have ever played with.
    However, it swings much lighter than it’s static weight and hits a much harder ball than you would believe possible at its swingweight. It also hits deep ground strokes with incredible accuracy.
    I think Angell sum it up really well when they say it is made for todays game as it plays best with fast modern strokes.
    You would think that it would need a lot of lead to make its really low swingweight work, but I have found quite the opposite.
    Admittedly I use a gut poly hybrid string but with that I found it plays best with little or no lead and still plays consistently deep and accurate.
    To anyone who thinks that Angell only make traditional and classic frames ( which they do and are probably the best in the business at it! ) I would say to try this one.

  11. Hideo (verified owner)

    ASI is too cool! What a design. This was also well received by tennis friends around me. More than that, what is this feeling! A pleasant feeling of hitting, swinging through with a balance of 305, no one can stop it anymore. However, I still can’t grasp the volley, so I’m going to change the string and try it again. It’s a loss if you don’t buy this! I think I can still enjoy tennis. Thank you, Angell!

  12. markrackham (verified owner)

    Wow this racket looks amazing in the flesh. The paint and the finish are as always with Angell rackets top class. The racket has a different feel to my normal go to TC100. This is not a bad thing at all. I have only so far had one chance to try this new beast in anger on the court. The tight central string configuration gives you the control you need. Oh the power! i have had to concentrate on my spin to keep the ball in court (tighter stringing maybe needed). My set up with Angell copper hybrid strings was awesome at the net with the added leather grip i felt in full control and i was using drop shots like a fantastic Spaniard (Ok in my head anyway). Yes i need more hours with this to provide a better review. however with the rackets i have used over the years i can tell when i want to keep a racket in my bag rather than move it on. I need more time with this racket maybe a little tinker with the tension and add some lead to find the sweet spot. However this is a top racket.

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