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K7 Red

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Same amazing frame, new cosmetic. The K7 RED is a truly versatile performance frame for players of every level.

Construction –  Advanced Aramid and Carbon fibre.






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The Angell K7 Red is still the perfect combination of style and substance. Constructed from a unique Aramid and Carbon fibre matrix, the K7 is a master of power and touch. As the material of choice for most bullet proof protection products, Aramid fibres provide all the dampening and shock absorption needed, whilst the high modulus carbon delivers the abundance of power that all Angell frames are renowned for.


Frame Features

ACF – High Modulus Carbon and Aramid Fibre
Full Protection Grommets


Unstrung Specifications

Headsize – 98″
String Pattern – 16×19
Weight -305g / 10.7oz
Balance – 320mm / 7 pts HL
Swing Weight – 283
Stiffness – 64RA
Length – 27” / 685.8mm
Grip type – High Tack Tri Black PU
Full protection grommets
Moulded PU handle – non pallet
Ergonomic endcap incorporating trap door.


Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg
Grip Size

2, 3, 4

22 reviews for K7 Red

  1. Justin (verified owner)

    If you’re after a forgiving solid 98 then you have to give this one a try. The 16 by 19 string pattern produces a fantastic mix of control and spin. I have a habit of tinkering with lead tape and this racket plays solidly in stock form. Small note that the grip comes a touch on the large size so order a size less. Quality control is first class with the racket arriving at exactly 305g unstrung. Try it with Halo Spin Hybrid that maximises the frame’s spin potential.

  2. jrdoamaral

    I have a story similar to that of the leemeadbatten below… In the last 8 years, after returning to tennis, I decided to swap my old and trusty Radical Liquidmetal for a more user-friendly model. A nightmare… I tested many rackets, of the most diverse brands, looking for my holy grail. The good thing was discovering Angell, haha. I stayed with some for some time (among so many, I mention the TC97 16×19 and the TC 101, other great options from Angell), but my search really stopped when I found the perfect balance for my style of play with the K7 Red. Great platform to customize to my personal taste. Super comfortable, with great balance of power and control! Good lauch angel, for my taste. A balanced racket that is easy to handle. In short it rocks! My racket of choice… finally! After a year of injuries, alternating between using my K7 Lime and the TC 101 in training, I am convinced that I should buy this “Hell’s Angell”… Red pair soon! Sooo Good!
    Thanks Paul and team!

  3. leemeadbatten (verified owner)

    For the past 7 years I’ve been on my very own personal racket journey, looking for the best frame for my game. I’ve bought and played with eleven different rackets in total and demoed 3 times that much.

    I know what I like and this frame has it all. The feel is sublime, the comfort is wonderful, the control (98 square inch head) is great, and the spin (16/19 open pattern) is incredible. The 305 overall weight is also perfect for me, and it swings lightening fast.

    I have two of these now, and my racket journey is finally over.

    If I buy another racket, it will be another K7 Red.

    Thanks Paul

  4. m.hibbitt (verified owner)

    Ordered a K7 Red yesterday and Paul couldn`t have been more helpful, a real pleasure to deal with and great customer service. I couldn’t be more delighted with the way Paul handled my queries and helped me to ensure I had the right package to suit my game as I suffer with tennis / golfers elbow. Really looking forward to using the racket when it arrives in the next few days and will post an updated review in a couple of months time. Again great service from Paul I highly recommend his company.

  5. Ronald (verified owner)

    After a prolonged tennis hiatus due to the pandemic, I started playing again last summer. But since I’m getting older (early 50s now) and I’m not as strong as I used to be, I could no longer play consistently with my beloved Angel TC100s so I decided to test some lighter racquets. I tried the Head Extreme Tour which is quite good but doesn’t quite have the plow-through needed for consistent slice backhands. I also tried the Wilson Clash 100 which is also good but I couldn’t control my topspin backhands with it (too powerful) and I had no feel whatsoever with drop shots. The K7 Red has it all. It has good plow-through for penetrating slices and light enough for controllable topspin backhands. It just has a great solid feel like my old TC100s. Angell always delivers!

  6. Joseph Stinson (verified owner)

    To paraphrase a typically breathless and idiosyncratic headline from the venerable show biz paper, Variety…the K7Red is BOFFO!!!
    A smash hit!

    The K7 Red (standard length) has more than good pop, exceptional maneuverability, excellent spin potential (slice can really bite) and, of course, as expected, outstanding comfort. Not only easy on the elbow and shoulder but also on the hand…an often overlooked vulnerability.
    The weight, as it arrives, is just about ‘Goldilocks-ian’…light enough to zip thru the air but heavy enough to be more than stable…with ‘fire at will’ power.
    Of course, customization’s possible if so desired and, if so, the K7 Red would seem to provide a clear and concise platform to choose whatever direction to go…
    But, perhaps, most surprising, is the feel. Touch is simply superb.
    Just a terrific racquet all round.
    And great looking as well.
    Kudos to Paul Angell for creating a classic!

  7. Brian (verified owner)

    Switched to the K7 Red recently from my trusty Yonex DR98. I couldn’t find another commercially available racket that was as plush as my DR98…until I found the K7 Red. Goodbye elbow pain and fatigue! Strung it up with the Halo Hybrid pack at 50 lbs that came with it and it felt great. I’m still getting my topspin forehand dialed in – might try increasing the tension – but it’s silky smooth and I feel like I can finally hit a penetrating slice backhand again which is something I gave up with the DR98. It’s been an improvement in every category. Just ordered a second one.

  8. kharris8175 (verified owner)

    This is a follow-up review from the one I did last December. There are so many good attributes for the K7 Red but the one stand out feature is the fantastic feel. You can really feel the ball sink into the stringbed which really enhances the control. Shots that look like they are going out land in before the baseline. I have not experienced this with any modern racquet. Even most of the thin beam racquets made today the ball catapults off the stringbed and the control can be erratic at times. The K7 Red has the most predictable feel of most if not all the racquets I have played with in my 30 years of playing. This builds confidence in your game. Of course the spin and comfort are top notch as well. The K7 is very user friendly with easy depth on strokes and there is room for customization. I added 3 grams of lead at 3 and 9 as well 2 grams on the butt of the handle which has added more power and stability. Angell has really hit their mark with this legendary frame design. The service with Angell is quick and always reliable. I would not be surprised if I am back to buy a 3rd K7 Red in the near future as I am currently selling my other 2 racquets! Paul knows how much that I adore the K7 Red and I wish him much success in the future and please don’t discontinue this racquet!

  9. eagwok99 (verified owner)

    I can only echo kharris8175!
    I bought my K7 Red from Paul Angell recently and I love this racket. It plays so nice and has so much comfort, touch and spin. 🙂 Honestly, it made me enjoy tennis again so much more than in the last years, when I tried several of the currently hyped “modern players” frames on the market and all of them made my arm feel bad and my shots were too inconsistent.
    The K7 Red is a revelation in comparison and supports me strongly in playing my best tennis again! I have played hobby tennis for about 40 years and never enjoyed it that much.
    Just go for the K7 Red, you will be pleased!
    Many thanks to Paul for offering such great rackets to such fair prices!

  10. kharris8175

    I have been playing tennis for almost 30 years and have tried alot of thin beam racquets over the years. I had never heard of Angell until a couple of years ago. I finally purchased 2 gently used and a matching pair of K7 Red frames. The feel, comfort, spin, power and a very nice balance of control is spectacular with the K7 Red. The feel is so plush and buttery that most racquets can’t provide these days. The K7 Red reminds of the old Head Prestige Classic but with more power and spin. Kudos to Angell for producing such a classic feeling racquet!!!


    Love at first hit 🙂

    First of all I should say that I’ve got my K7 Red slightly used and already customized with 2 g of lead tape at 3&9 and about 2 g under the grip. It’s very close to my setup of the Angell Custom v3 TC100 so I decided to leave all lead to make the switch to the new racquet easier. The strung weight with OG and dampener is 333 g and the balance point is 328 mm.
    My impression in general is very positive, it’s definitely one of the best racquets I had ever hit with. Comfort and feel are outstanding, my wrist and elbow say ‘ok’ even on hard out-sweetspot hits with upper hoop.
    The racquet feels very solid at impact and gives you an amazing feel of the ball.
    Power level is quite good, it’s on medium level and definitely lower then my Angell Custom v3 TC100 with 70RA has. In order to hit hard you have to prepare earlier and do the full swing. But I understood this fact before the purchase and when you swing it fast the racquet goes through the air easily and gives you a very high level of control and spin.
    Of course I have to say a few words about the high quality and beautiful paintjob. It really reminds me the old classic Prestiges of the 1990’s but looks modern and fresh.
    So I would like to thank Paul Angell and his company for such a good racquets that really differ from mass market products and give us a very special and nice emotions from the game of tennis!

  12. joshua.crossley (verified owner)

    The K7 red is the first racket I have ever had which I feel allows me to perform every shot in the book with confidence. A perfectly balanced frame which performs as well as it looks. I can not speak highly enough of the quality of angell products and the personal service you receive

  13. dudubarba

    Para os brasilerios que ainda não conhecem a raquete, fiz um video review da K7 Red, assistam.

  14. dudubarba


    A raquete mais confortável que já experimentei. Oferece um ótimo controle e o feel é excelente. Para quem busca uma raquete que agrida menos o cotovelo, indico a K7 Red.


    The most comfortable racket I’ve ever played with. It offers great control and the feel is excellent. For those looking for a racket that do not strikes your elbow, I indicate the K7 Red.

  15. Allan (verified owner)

    The K7 Red is a beautiful frame that is extremely comfortable and easy to play with. With a little bit of lead in the head and a leather grip, the racket plays fantastic. There is a perfect blend of power and feel. Highly recommended. Too bad I cannot rate 7 stars.

  16. Gareth (verified owner)

    Have taken a good while of playing with these frames to explain how much I like them.
    I have changed the grip to an Angell leather and tourna tac overgrip. Strung with volkl psycho 17 gauge at 52 pounds. Works an absolute dream. Spin friendly, arm friendly, great touch and power with control in heaps. Various players have commented on the sheer amount of spin I am Generating being hard to deal with. Being circa 9-10 points head light it shouldn’t feel as composed on volleys as it does but I’ve yet to feel pushed around by even the hardest hitters. Loving the k7 red will be using for a long time to come!

  17. mp.smethurst (verified owner)

    Just to say I am totally delighted with the K7 Red, which I have strung with Angell Halo 1 string.

    I have now played with it over 10 times, and it gets better the more I get used to it. It’s a joy to play with.

    Congratulations on a brilliant product.

  18. trumpgropes (verified owner)

    I bought this racquet because of the specs and it didn’t disappoint. Comfortable, perfect 16×19 pattern, and HL balance. I did fill it with polyurethane foam and added some weight to the handle for a strung weight of 351 grams at 8 pts. HL. The control is amazing with Luxilon ALU Power Rough in the mains at 52 lbs. and Yonex Poly Tour Strike in the crosses at 50 lbs. Love it!

  19. Marco (verified owner)

    I am in my sixties, with more than half a century of tennis behind me. I did not change much my way of playing since the good old wood era. Flat forehand and one-hand slice backhand. Just a little spin when I need it to make my forehand fall inside the court. I have a TC95, the Sword, a TC100, the Bat, and now also a K7, the Whip. All of them strung with Head Velocity, a multifilament, to avoid shoulder pains.
    The K7 is very different form the other two ones, more flexible and maneuvrable. It took at least one month to get familiar with it. At first I did not feel at ease, I felt I was not able to transmit my energy to the ball as with the TCxx. The K7 felt lighter, in spite of a minimal weigh difference, 305 vs 310. Then I added one gram of lead at 3, 6, 9, 12 hours and something changed. I was able to hit the ball with power and control, finding also a good precision. I appreciate the K7 for several reasons.
    It has a large sweet spot, that helps me a lot in serve returns.
    Its maneuvrability helps me when I hit the ball in a non-optimal position, something that happens more and more frequently. Using my wrist I can adjust the movement in order to hit more efficiently.
    My second serve has improved. I am able to produce more rotations, to the point that this week one of my opponents had to suddenly change from backhand to forehand to return it. I noticed an increase in rotations also in my other shots, which makes me quite happy.
    Flat shots are ok, but they have to be produced differently than with the TCxx. Less shoulder, more wrist. This racquet wants a fast swing.
    At net it is excellent, it moves fast, it has touch and sensibility.
    It is a very comfortable frame, excellent for my shoulder. This week I served in long games without troubles of any kind.
    At present it is my favorite racquet.

  20. James (verified owner)

    I’m a 4.5 all court player from the US and I use midweight frames to accommodate my short backswing and a quick swing speed. Maneuverability is key for me, so I decided to add the K7 to my list of new potential racquets after reading the early reviews. I have been using the WPS LS with weight to the throat for 2 years and felt uninspired with the feel despite good results. I bought the Ultra CV 100 and the K7 among 3 other racquets, but these were my two finalists. In the end the decision was the K7 for a few reasons. Spin is better than any other racquet I have played with. My hook on the FH and OHBH are pivotal at my level, as well as my sliding serve with a low bounce. The K7 plays to my strengths on these shots as well as a stable volley. I needed the vibration dampener to make this work, despite working with a good string (technifibre NRG 17 @53#). I felt better placement with the K7 than the Ultra despite the same 100 sq in headsize. There’s certainly better feel with the K7 than any other racquet I’ve played with in the past 2 years. It’s a cushy and forgiving, but empowering as well, letting me plow through the shots with confidence and direction. I’ll be ordering another when they restock.

  21. szemail (verified owner)

    I suspect this time Paul has had to make a deal with the devil to get this amazing feel. Just hope he didn’t have to give up his first born. K7 is a departure from the foam filled lineup of frames that play exceptionally well. I have tried many so was intrigued when the K7 came out with no foam. The Kevlar or Aramid added in his magic potent blend for this frame seems to generate a frame absent vibration. Yet, a really connected feel which provided this sensation that you can measure your shots.

    Grounds strokes are buttery, versatile and pretty good mixture of power and control. Frame is really good at top spin or hitting more flat, you control what you want to produce. My OHBH enjoyed this frame whether I’m driving or whipping top spin. The frame in stock form was too light for me and I needed to bump up the SW. Threw on a leather grip and 4.2g of weight layered at 12 and it just gave me more on serve. Really nice spin and kick serves. Flatter serves are also quite good with good precision. Very maneuverable racquet so quick reactions at net are not a problem.

    This is a racquet you can pick up first time and play effectively with. I suspect a variety of player levels will enjoy this racquet. And did I mention the comfort? You can hit for two hours and your arm feels like you haven’t hit at all that day. Very nice and unique frame with good looks to boot.

  22. Jean-Francois (verified owner)

    This is one awesome frame from Angell. It is a very comfortable racquet, the addition of kevlar makes it as comfortable as the foam filled version but without the extra swingweight. The result is a very fast swinging, very maneuverable frame that feels really smooth even on off center hits.

    The power is there and I had absolutely no problem hitting deep even in stock form. Even if pushed around just a flick of the wrist is enough to get you out of a tough situation. The sweetspot to me felt generous and the string bed didn’t seem to have any hot spot like some other frames where you have a huge drop in power outside of the sweetspot.

    The lower weight, head light balance and open string pattern makes it a very easy frame to swing and will help create a ton of spin. The amount of spin is for me, amongst the best frame I ever tried. I could see the ball jumping up off the court. But the launch angle is not high like some of the “spin pattern” frames you see on the market, so you keep a good control of the direction of the ball. This racquet does it all.

    This is a great modern frame that will give power and spin while retaining a comfortable old school feel. The best of both world.
    I used wilson natural gut mains/Gamma poly crosses at 50lbs.

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