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With 7 sides and a mid stiffness, HALO Spin 7 is our premium next generation shaped Poly


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With 7 sides and a mid stiffness,  HALO Spin 7 is our premium next generation shaped Poly. Responsive at any chosen tension this string works well as a hybrid or full bed and is idealy suited for players looking for an arm comfortable set up with predictive bite on the ball and fast response.


Gauge: 1.25mm
Construction: Heptagon shaped co-polyester
Length: 12m/200m
Colour: Graphite Black

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12m, 200m

4 reviews for Halo Spin 7

  1. Jo Dunkley

    Used this string for 90 mins so far. As a cross at 48 pounds with Halo Multi Red at 54 mains. As a cross string it provided decent spin and was very comfortable on the arm. Topspin 2nd Serves were definitely more pronounced. As a hybrid with the Multi mains it is an very comfortable set up no harsh vibrations to the arm.

    It was also quite a powerful set up a little too powerful, sometimes the ball would fly a little, so next time I may up the tension a couple of pounds on both. Used in Yonex VCore 98 (2019)


    This “mid stiffness” string is on a harder side among today’s softness-oriented poly strings. Heptagram shape results in very sharp and edgy stringbed with exceptional ball bites. I feel some resemblance to Toalson Devilspin and Diadem Soltice Power, but Spin 7’s edges last longer than them. Snapbacks are not much instead. Best suited for ball strikers using low power racquets with dense stringing patterns, who can generate power by their own muscles.

  3. markrackham (verified owner)

    Great string I use this as a hybrid with halo four. Strong level of power, spin and feel. I will not move away from this set up for a while.

  4. Magnus (verified owner)

    Best string ever! Play at 20 kg.

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