Whatever level of tennis you play, using the right racket can have a big impact on your performance. All Angell Custom rackets are hand assembled in the UK to achieve exactly the specifications you need to play your best tennis ever. If you know what specifications you need, dive straight into our racket building section. If you would like advice or more information, our team is on hand to answer all your questions and help guide you towards a racket that perfectly meets your needs.



Angell is dedicated to offering an alternative to players who are serious about their tennis. We offer a unique range of Custom built and Prebuilt rackets to players of all standards. No gimmicks or hype, our focus is purely on the quality of the materials we use and the high standard of manufacturing. The result is a product range that delivers high performance on court and unparalleled build quality. With over 20 years experience in developing rackets for professional and recreational players, we fully understand the importance of consistency during manufacturing to deliver the highest standard of product time after time. The combination of design experience, high quality raw materials and expert manufacturing mean Angell rackets are the most sensible choice for players that are serious about performing to their best.