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The all-new 100″ K7 CYAN has been developed to build on the success of the K7 Red whilst increasing spin potential and faster racket head speed.
Construction –  Advanced Aramid and Carbon fibre.






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The all-new Angell K7 Cyan delivers power and spin without compromising on comfort. Constructed from a unique Aramid and Carbon fibre matrix, the K7 CYAN offers easy access to spin with fast racket head speed. As the material of choice for most bullet proof protection products, Aramid fibres provide all the dampening and shock absorption needed, whilst the high modulus carbon delivers the abundance of power that all Angell frames are renowned for.


Frame Features

ACF – High Modulus Carbon and Aramid Fibre
Full Protection Grommets


Unstrung Specifications

Headsize – 100″
String Pattern – 16×19
Weight -300g / 10.6oz
Balance – 320mm / 7 pts HL
Swing weight – 278
Stiffness – 67RA
Length – 27” / 685.8mm
Grip type – High Tack Tri Black PU
Full protection grommets
Moulded PU handle – non pallet
Ergonomic endcap incorporating trap door.

Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg
Grip Size

1, 2, 3

4 reviews for K7 Cyan

  1. bmgall1 (verified owner)

    Was looking for a slightly lighter frame with increased sweet spot for my game. This K7 Cyan was a great solution. Maneuverable, spin friendly, nice feel/comfort, and perfect combination of control and power. I added a little bit of lead in the hoop and have found my perfect racquet. My kick serve is dialed in and my net game has improved. Arm friendly as well. I highly recommend this frame – and all frames from Angell. High quality build, wonderful company, and exceptional results on the court!

  2. morobtennis (verified owner)

    As an instructor and an Angell ambassador for the past several years, I’ve witnessed this frame quickly become the favorite of my beginner and intermediate recreational players. The Cyan proves the comfort, stability, and control (with just enough power) that every player at those levels needs and wants. My favorite is the TC 100 but the Cyan is my second choice—it’s as smooth as a hot knife slicing through butter!

  3. sergiy.m.los

    Have tried different brands for 1,5 yrs as a beginner… but Angell K7 is the one I was looking for. While each racket I used had its one personal advantage (precision, control, power, speed etc.) – Angell K7 has managed to combine its altogether depends ofc on your personal choice and play style.

    Another good bonus is its remained to be eye-catching thing despite its by far well recognition)

    The only one remark is color grade which should be more ‘aggressive’ and diverse.

  4. tara (verified owner)

    Really enjoying my new replacement racket! Paul is super helpful to work with and helped me to choose between the K-series options. I have been playing with the TC-100 model which is about 7 years old(!) now and has served me well. I don’t have any huge customization needs so the K-series seemed like a good option and I also didn’t want to get the exact same racket. I was also able to request my favorite leather grip so the playing feel of my rackets is similar. To start, I have put my familiar strings on the new racket and am playing around with new string types on the old racket which is helpful to gauge what I like and in noticing the varied playability of each. I play 3-4x a week and go back and forth between both rackets. I do find that I am choosing this new racket 60-40 over the old and am super happy that I went in this direction. I am now realizing though that I have to replace my bumper on the old racket and will keep a better eye on this, as this something that I hadn’t realized might effect the integrity of the racket in the long haul. Overall, I am super satisfied with Angell and will continue to return to this company as my stick of choice! 🙂

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