What is the benefit of a custom built Racket?

Defining a custom frame means you get all the parameters you need to play your best game, something that Tour players have always relied on.

Am I able to return the racket if I change my mind?

As each racket is custom built, it is not possible for us to accept returns. However, if you decide that you need a different specification, it may be possible to adjust your frame accordingly. Please view our terms and conditions page for full details.

I have emailed you for advice on rackets, how long will it take for a reply?

Simple questions are typically answered within a couple of days but for players looking for in-depth frame selection guidance from Paul directly may have to wait slightly longer. On occasions, customers have reported that our emails to them have landed in their "junk" or "spam" folder so please check there if you feel you have been ignored!

What is the swing weight of the rackets?

Because of the vast choice of options available, an accurate swing weight measurement can only be made after building each racket. Let us know what specification you are considering and we will be happy to estimate its swing weight for you.

Are the specs for strung or unstrung?

All the specs on the website are for unstrung frames. Because of the wide choice and difference in strings, it’s a more reliable way for us to define our specs.


Are the weight / balance specs the same on extended length frames?

Regardless of frame length and options selected we will target your chosen static weight. During the order process, frame balance is shown in both MM and Pts for 27" length frames. Due to the way balance is measured, for extended length frames we target the Pts value that was selected. The balance measured in MM will be different from the value shown on the website.



I don’t know my grip size

If you are unsure, it may be best to seek advice from a local coach, teaching pro or a retailer. It is very important to select the correct grip size as it can have a big affect on both performance and comfort.

I don’t know my grip shape

There isn’t a right or a wrong choice here, it is purely preference. To guide you, the Angell A shape is the same as Head. The Angell C shape is the same as Prince, and the Angell B Shape is a generic octagon as used by Wilson, Babolat, Dunlop etc. If you currently use any other branded racket and wish for some guidance on which handle shape to choose, please contact us for help.


How long will my order take?

Orders of accessories or non custom products are typically dispatched the next working day. For custom built rackets we aim to complete and dispatch within 7-10 days. Until orders are dispatched, they will be shown on you account as processing. Where possible, tracking notification will be sent once the package is dispatched.

What payment forms are accepted?

We accept payment via Paypal where all major credit and debit cards can be used, even without a paypal account.

Can I order by phone?

Yes you can, we will however require full payment before manufacturing the rackets. Please contact us on +441223 837852

What are the stringing instructions for my racket

You can download or print the instructions for stringing your frame by selecting the appropriate model below.