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CUSTOM V4 TC95 – 18 x 20

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The frame with a dual personality, but one serious intention. Whatever string pattern you choose, the new  TC95 V4 is bound to impress.


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Don’t be fooled into thinking a 95″ frame isn’t still a viable option on court. Hidden under a variety of paintjobs, many of today’s top players are still wielding a classic Mid Plus sized frame. And for good reason. We never cease to be surprised at the power this model produces. From baseline grinding to rocket launched serves, the new TC95 V4 will impress from the first hit.

The dense sting bed combined with narrow beam width makes this a perfect option for players seeking the ultimate in control and feel.

Standard specs include

  • 95 inch headsize
  • 20mm tapered beam
  • Unique “D” box section design.
  • Over frame grommet structure
  • High modulus carbon construction
  • Foam Core
  • Micro Braid

Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg

3 reviews for CUSTOM V4 TC95 – 18 x 20

  1. Fazal (verified owner)

    I have bought more than 20 rackets. The TC 95 my 13 year old is playing with. He’s a top ranked junior and he tried out blade, rf, head speed and he picked this stick. I happened to hit with it. It’s absolutely a delight.

  2. Raff (verified owner)

    I ordered this racquet as heavy and head light as offered. I measured with my own scale and balance board and Angell nailed it. The feel is impeccable, and the spin potential is surprising even when I string with a round multifilament.

    I liked it so much I ordered more to have different tensions, and again all right on spec.

    I’d recommend using the custom process for anyone who doesn’t want to compromise on racquet specs.

  3. Stephen Allen (verified owner)

    I bought my first Angell frame earlier this year after frustration with the current trend in tennis frames from the majors. I am 56 yo and have a traditional style of tennis at a high standard and have used the Head Prestige Pro since its inception in 1987. For my game it is the perfect racquet and unfortunately Head no longer has an interest in making a frame with the same plush, laser guided control frame as the earlier Prestiges. I’m in Australia but I thought I’d take a chance with the Angell Custom V3 18×20 with the Head grip profile and my preferred specs and I was very surprised with it’s performance.

    It is without doubt the closest you can get to the magic of the classic Prestige but with the added bonus of a slightly bigger sweet spot and a bit more power, but not so much more that you lose any control. The 18×20 string pattern is great for control, especially on volleys and slice backhands but with sufficient spin to satisfy if you have a traditional technique. Serving is fine with easy power and very good control. You don’t have to swing so hard to be effective. I want maximum feel so I use a full bed of Wilson NXT at 55 lbs and I find that to be perfect for this frame. Hybrid strings, if I used them, would be 5 or 6 lb less.

    I was so impressed with this frame that I ordered a second frame in the Octane scheme, which looks gorgeous. The closest mainstream racquet would be the Wilson Ultra Tour. The Wilson has a touch more feel but the Angell is superior in all other areas.

    If you find, as I did, that the racquets from the majors have become too narrow in their focus for power at the expense of feel and control, then note the specs of your favorite frame and order the Angell custom in those specs and enjoy your tennis again. There is one manufacturer, in Angell, who is happy to provide a quality frame, just the way you like it, even as far as Australia!

    Stephen Allen
    Melbourne, Australia

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