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CUSTOM V4 TC90 – 16 x 18

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Updated to include the Micro Braid construction the TC90 V4 is the ultimate frame for precision and accuracy.

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If you are serious about your tennis and have the ability to match, you might just fall in love with the new TC90 V4. Developed over years of interaction with tour players around the world, the TC90 V4 is the ultimate players frame for the fearless competitor.

The 90 square inch head size gives pin point accuracy and still offers the standard Angell characteristics of comfort, solidity and quality of manufacture. Push your tennis to the tour standard and have the ultimate racket for control and accuracy.

Standard specs include –

  • 90 inch headsize
  • 19mm tapered beam
  • Unique “D” box section design.
  • Over frame grommet structure
  • High modulus carbon construction
  • Foam Core
  • Micro Braid

Additional information

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5 reviews for CUSTOM V4 TC90 – 16 x 18

  1. d.mohdfarag79 (verified owner)

    Awesome surprise in power rackets era. Unmatched. really shocked, no other racket like that. The most enjoyable tennis racket ever. Best feel and control with acceptable power and spin. Thin classic beam. The secret may be in geometry and the same width of 97, 98 rackets. Thanks Angell for these great rackets.

  2. danilo rufini (verified owner)

    Yesterday I received this racket masterpiece………and I’ve already played with it for three hours.

    I am a 48 year old, athletically trained tennis instructor and I can say that this racket has amazed me.

    The best racket I’ve played with in my life….surgical, powerful, precise, sensitive.

    You pick it up, play with it and think you can do anything on a tennis court.

    Thank you Paull Angell…..for the ultimate weapon, 320g, 31cm , swingweight 330.

  3. James Rhee (verified owner)

    TC90 is such a great racquet, and it has been working beautifully for me the past few weeks. Similar to some folks who had left reviews here, I’m from old school racquets, Wilson Pro Staff 85 and Fischer Vacuum Pro 90 in 80’s and 90’s. More recently I have been using Volkl PowerBridge 10 mid, Prince Phantom Pro 93P, and Head Graphene 360+ mid — they are all wonderful but for some reasons time to time I’m not able to fully get into my games. Sometimes I feel a bit too disconnected hitting the ball, sometimes it feels like the racquet is doing most of the job not me, and sometimes I just can’t whip it around to make finesse shots like I used to with PS85. I need to make adjustments constantly (not too often though) as I sense the subtle differences in the feedback.

    When I started to hit with TC90 a few weeks ago, only after few minutes I forgot which racquet I was hitting with and fully concentrated on the ball. It’s great to have that back. Some specs:

    Length: 27.25mm
    Weight/Balance: 330g/305mm
    Handle shape: A
    Grip: Leather
    Main: Poly 18 gauge at 54lb
    Cross: Multi 17 gauge at 55lb
    (this is my usual string setup)

    The balance and weight feel just right to my preference, I don’t have to put any lead tape or tungsten putty. The only concern I had was the 70 RA stiffness, but it doesn’t feel stiff at all. It’s surprisingly quick and easy to swing. The sweet spot feels very generous — it isn’t harsh when I hit off-center yet it doesn’t help me more than I want. It relays the exact amount of pace and spin to the ball according to my intention. The ball pocketing feels deeper and the dwell time feels longer than my other racquets, but that’s not a bad thing.

    One very minor thing that I feel a bit off is the “D” box section of its neck — it feels a little too round/thick when I hold it with my non-dominant hand for prep, but I will get used to it.

    I love TC90 so much, I put in another order last week.

  4. Dellon Moy

    Originally coming from a pro staff 90; I was looking for something just as solid, yet not as physically taxing. With Angell’s custom program they helped tailor the racket to my needs. This racket exceeded my hopes. I’m able to generate a lot more racket head speed & maintain that pace for hours on end. My only regret is not finding them sooner.

  5. paul

    As a user of the Custom TC90 frame for the last 3 years, I was a little worried about buying the new addition and how different it would play, as I am very particular about specs and feel. I was an instant lover of the classic TC90 when I made my first purchase 3 years ago. I am glad to say that the V390 is also a beautiful racket to hit with. I am hugely impressed with the pop and the beautiful sound it gives off the sweet spot. The design has even turned heads at my local courts too, with some people saying “it looks like a racket from the future”. The apprehension I had before making the purchase of the V3 has been firmly vanquished and I can say that I have zero regrets with my purchase whatsoever. Thanks to the Angell team for designing another great frame.

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