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K7 Lime

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Same amazing frame, New cosmetic. The K7 Lime is the ultimate frame for control and accuracy.

Construction –  Advanced Aramid and Carbon fibre.



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Now sporting the new cosmetic, the Angell K7 Lime is designed for control and shot accuracy. Constructed from a unique Aramid and Carbon fibre matrix, the K7 Lime is a master of control and touch. As the material of choice for most bullet proof protection products, Aramid fibres provide all the dampening and shock absorption needed, whilst the high modulus carbon delivers the abundance of power that all Angell frames are renowned for.


Frame Features

ACF – High Modulus Carbon and Aramid Fibre
Full Protection Grommets


Unstrung Specifications

Headsize – 98″
String Pattern – 18×20
Weight -315g / 11.11oz
Balance – 310mm / 10 pts HL
Swing Weight – 284
Stiffness – 64RA
Length – 27” / 685.8mm
Grip type – High Tack Tri Black PU
Full protection grommets
Moulded PU handle – non pallet
Ergonomic endcap incorporating trap door.

Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg
Grip Size

2, 3, 4



14 reviews for K7 Lime

  1. Zeek Fernandez (verified owner)

    Overall beautiful 98′ frame from design to feel of the actual paint.
    I have tested for about a month now, and I am most likely to keep it.

    It was very similar to the specs I was after, and I love trying out new rackets now and again. Great control and feel firm but not too much to give you pain when hitting.

    I added some weight to the handle to get the balance closer to my specs, and it feels a lot better but great work, I wish more people will know about this brand, you are definitely going on the right direction in playability, specially for us tennisnerds

  2. Justin

    A very controlled precise racket with incredible accuracy. Found the frame quite firm with the 18×20 string pattern so would suggest dropping tension and going with a softer string. A great racket that plays well in stock form.

  3. Aaron Boggs (verified owner)

    This is easily one of the best 98 sq in racquets I’ve ever played! It does everything that I need it to. Fantastic spin, excellent control, superior arm comfort and power when I want it! My only regret is that I didn’t buy one sooner.

  4. mike (verified owner)

    I’ve been an Angell user for about 8 years now. Used the TC100 and TC97 18×20 before recently trying the K7 Lime. The Lime is my favourite of the bunch. I like an 18×20 and loved the TC97, but the lime is a little softer and perhaps a bit more forgiving if you are a little outside the sweetspot. It’s a pretty dense 18×20 which gives a very solid feel and a lot of feedback. Only drawback for me was the lower swingweight, but I was happy to add some lead at the top to bring this up as I like my rackets a bit heavier than the 315g stock anyway. Overall the best Angell I have used. It’s got that lovely soft and solid feel you can except from an Angell but a little more forgiving than the other 18×20 available. Top quality frame!

  5. d.mohdfarag79 (verified owner)

    One of the best rackets in the market. Good power plus amazing control. The feel is amazing with top notch quality and materials. Eye catching design is apparent also. Thanks Angell for this awesome products.

  6. john.kiddy (verified owner)

    The K7 Lime is a superb racquet. In some ways reminiscent of the Head Pro Tour 630 but so much better. It has superlative feel and comfort as well as being forgiving and remarkably stable.
    It is a weapon when you are attacking, and a trusted friend when you are defending.
    Can’t recommend it highly enough. In my opinion it plays brilliantly at low tensions.
    I strung it in Halo Touch and Halo 4 in a hybrid at 35 lbs and it is a dream.

  7. rahul.narayanan (verified owner)

    I was one of those who played with the RF97A. Primarily because of the name behind it. While the racquet was fantastic, it took me about two years to admit to myself that I possibly didn’t have the strength/skill to do as much as I wanted on the court with it. It was too heavy too serve well with (for me), and too heavy for effective defense.

    I switched to a Babolat Pure Strike 98 (18*20). Also a fantastic racquet. My defensive game got better. But I found myself missing the additional weight of the RF97A. Especially on returning serve, and in tournaments against better players.

    I didn’t want to spend too much money on a custom racquet, as frankly I doubt very much I have the know how to know precisely what kind of specs would work for me.

    The K7 Red seemed too similar to my Babolat Pure Strike for me to want to change. But when the K7 Lime came out, I decided to make the plunge, and I have to say I haven’t regretted it.

    The racquet feels just right. Enough to deal with returns on big serves. Still sufficiently manoeuvrable on defence, and easy to serve with. Not too heavy. But still stable enough against big hitters. There’s a special kind of satisfaction that comes with finding a racquet that suits you.

    The cosmetics on the racquet are also rather nice.

    The ordering process was also quite efficient and hassle free. Many thanks.

  8. kutayyurtsever (verified owner)

    I like K7 Lime so much and keep on coming back to it, so I thought it deserves a second review. Having now demoed over 20 rackets in the last 6 months (almost all brands, mainly 18×20 and some 16×19 including other Angells), K7 Lime does everything so well from serves to baseline to forecourt, including volleys and overheads. Although I play mostly flat, spin potential is also very high, and low balls with spin are deadly. So are the flat serves. One handed top-spin backhand and slice backhands, cross-court or down-the-line are just sublime for attacking or finishing the point. It is super stable even in stock form, and a few grams on the hoop makes it livelier. Extremely comfortable (and I have had TE issues recently) even with some lead to increase the swing weight, but not plush. With a full swing very powerful too, a very controllable power that even puts coaches in trouble. Really cannot find a weakness for a comfortable, control oriented, attacking advanced game. Makes me a much better and confident player. By far my favorite Angell too!

  9. tomjosephwalsh

    The K7 lime is hands down one of the best feeling frames on the market. Strung with full poly the response is still plush and soft while still being really predictable. It plays wonderfully in stock form, while still coming in at a weight that allows advanced players room to tweak specs to their preference. I added a leather grip and lead at 3&9 bringing my final spec to 361g and a balance of 7 pts HL. At that spec the frame is solid as a rock for me and is a total serve monster while never feeling sluggish from the back of the court or at net.

  10. expunge (verified owner)

    U.S. NTRP 4.5, 57 yo male player. Top junior, highest NTRP rating was 5.5 in my prime. Superior racquet in every category. Super plush, outstanding control, very noticeable feel and touch! What surprised me was the controllable power that this frame allows when you want to put in the effort; however, you don’t have to exert yourself extremely to generate attacking power. Excels in topspin when desired, and hits extreme angles very well. Unbelievable touch to produce effective drop shots. This racquet works well as an attacking racquet, particularly for serve and volley. I was able to generate a much more powerful serve, read free points or next shot winners, with this racquet, something I could not do with my cherished Wilson 6.1 Classics or Blades. Super easy to swing. Needless to say, Angell racquets are unmatched in the industry. Amazingly this racquet was perfect at stock specs for my style. Ordered 2 more and Paul Angell asked immediately if I wanted to match the specs of the first racquet, a testament to the quality service he provides. Unstrung specs: 315 grams/11.1 oz, 10 pts HL. Strung specs: 340 grams/12.0 oz, 8 pts HL, with dampener, and overgrip, Solinco Hyper-G 25.85 kg/57 lbs. Finally, no other company is going to give you the product or quality service that Angell Tennis provides to the competitive recreational player. Even when sponsored, racquets were not of this quality and personal attention was never this good.

  11. paulinhobraz (verified owner)

    Excellent racket. Very comfortable, stable, excellent control, feel and good power level in stock mode, excellent paint and finish. I added lead to increase the swingweight to increase power and this made the racket even better. It has a low level of spin and ball trajectory straight and precise. Easy gameplay racket. Happy to have the chance to use and demonstrate the qualities of the racket in Brazil. I recommend, product, note 10.

  12. James (verified owner)

    Historically a Head Prestige MP player, but looking for more power in a narrow beam (maneuverable) and a little lighter stick (mid 11 ounce range strung). This K-7 Lime is PERFECT! For an 18X20 the kick serve is phenomenal and the flat ball is exceptional. Comfort is A+ as usual with Angell sticks. Glad I purchased two of these. Time to relinquish my Angell 95’s (18X20, 320 grams unstrung, 9 points headlight). The K-7 is the best balanced frame I’ve ever played with. And especially at my age (57 years old, 5.0 USTA rating), I need as much help as possible from my racket. Couldn’t have asked for a better control oriented frame with so much feel, comfort, and added power!

  13. kutayyurtsever (verified owner)

    Have been using other 18×20 frames so far (more of a flat hitter and OHBH) that occasionally gave me wrist and arm pain after an hour, but this frame does not only feel great (no pain after 90 mins) but also has great control with smaller head size and heavier weight. Very maneuverable and great for fast swings to generate your own power, with the correct technique. Shots were never long and always fast and low as I like. The feeling is different than other “traditional” frames for sure and requires a few hours to get used to, but I don’t plan on going back now. Strung with a gut/poly hybrid and a real joy to play with, thank you Angell!

  14. jytennispro24

    What an excellent frame! This has to be the best feeling 18×20 players frame on the market! Superb comfort, control and free access to power when needed! The weight and balance is spot on. I plan on using these outstanding racquets for many years to come and will continue to support Angell products throughout the USA! Thank you Angell Sports Ltd!

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