Custom TC97 – 18 x 20

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Product Description

Do what Roger did. Design a 97″ custom racket that meets the needs of YOUR game. Fitting perfectly between our menacing TC95 options and our serving monster TC100″, the new TC97 is primed to be the racket of choice for a wide audience of players. Enhanced feel and stability come from the new box section design, whilst the hoop beam thickness is slim to allow plenty of flat shots without the fear of framing.

Dressed up in classic black and grey, its a serious style contender, but with more substance than its competitors can offer thanks to the unique way each frame is configured to meet the needs of the player. The TC97″ custom racket is the perfect frame for everyone, just build it how you like it.

Standard specs include

  • 97inch headsize
  • 66 RA prebuild stiffness
  • 20mm tapered beam
  • New throat box section design.
  • Over frame grommet structure
  • High Modulus Carbon construction
  • Foam Core

2 reviews for Custom TC97 – 18 x 20

  1. John Sedlak
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I honestly couldn’t have written a better review. I second the review above, this is the best feeling racquet I’ve ever used. My racquets are 27.5″ tc97 18×20, 330g 12pt hl , and I’ve never played better tennis. Screw the big companies’ poor quality control and fictitious marketing. Angell is pro tour quality, and needs to become more well known. Do yourself a favor and demo other racquets so you have an idea of your preferred spec or ‘dream racquet’ , and then order a Custom Angell that fits those specs. You won’t be disappointed.

    Open level player in Missouri Valley section, USA

  2. David
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I remember holding off on Angell racquets for a long time. I convinced myself that I didn’t want or need a “custom” stick, that I didn’t have a good enough idea of my preferred spec to risk the money, and that if everyone else seemed to be using racquets from the big racquet companies, why did I need anything different? In the meantime, I probably tried every major racquet line from most of the major manufacturers, and while there are certainly some nice choices out there, I always felt I was making compromises where I didn’t want to, whether on feel, power, stability, etc. Meanwhile, as the market has moved towards stiffer, lighter frames, the pool of flexible player’s racquets has continued to dwindle. I tried to convince myself that I enjoyed beating my arm up with the latest and greatest super-light, super-stiff racquets that have flooded the market (my arm begged to differ), and finally having exhausted virtually every option out there, I decided to take the plunge and purchase an Angell.

    As they say, better late than never.

    I’ve tried several of the Angell racquets and they are uniformly superb, different enough to appeal to various playstyles but clearly of the same high-quality pedigree. There are no new whiz-bang technologies. No “revolutionary new materials” that companies advertise to justify a new paintjob and $200+ price every two years. Just a commitment to high-quality materials and build quality that’s obvious from the moment you hit with the stick. Of the Angell line, the TC97 18×20 has become my stick of choice. The feel is just sublime. Whether due to the foam filling, extra graphite, and/or some other design wizardry that Mr. Angell has cooked into the frame, the racquet manages to filter out any harshness or discomfort while still transmitting the essential ball feel that tells you where the ball is on the frame. As a result, it’s easy to make any small adjustments or changes on the fly, because you know exactly what’s going on at contact. Yet for a flexible player’s frame, the racquet still possesses the forgiveness, power, and spin potential that players look for in the faster, spinnier “modern game.” Even on off-center hits, the racquet is still able to get the ball back deep. Power is substantial when needed, and spin is easy to come by even for an 18×20 pattern. One of my main concerns coming from a 16×19 pattern was that I’d be losing out on power and spin, but I haven’t missed it at all. Meanwhile, the main strength of this racquet and the 18×20 pattern is the laser-like control. The stick makes you feel like you can put the ball on a dime, and the confidence such control brings makes the frame a joy to play with. I’ve occasionally taken out some of my older frames to hit side-by-side, and invariably within 10-15 minutes I find myself reaching back for the Angell. It’s just that good. So if you’re looking for a plush, flexible, phenomenally controlled racquet with the forgiveness, power, and spin to stand up in the modern game, this might just be the racquet for you.

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