HALO Hybrid Pack – K7 Red

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Get the best performance from your ANGELL frame with our tailored hybrid string pack.




This hybrid pack contains two 6M sample sets, 1 of each of the following strings –

Gauge: 1.20mm
Construction: Round soft co-polyester

Gauge: 1.18mm
Construction: Cube profiled polyester

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Weight 0.1 kg
Pack size

12m, 200m

1 review for HALO Hybrid Pack – K7 Red

  1. Brian (verified owner)

    I switched to a K7 Red and tried out this hybrid setup as a free set came with the racket. I figured if Paul created this combo specifically for the racket, then I should probably try it!

    Halo Touch in the mains and Halo Four in the crosses and strung both at 50 lbs. It took me a few hits to get both the new racket and strings dialed in but now I’m really loving them both. I was worried about how stiff this setup would play as I’ve had tennis elbow issues since my college days but this combo has been the best my arm & elbow has felt in a long time. And that’s while still having great feel and control with plenty of power.

    For a point of reference, I was coming from a Yonex DR98 playing with Volkl Cyclone Tour 1.20MM strung at 50 lbs. I was using this string as it’s very low in stiffness for a poly and gets a lot of spin but it would lose its tension pretty fast and I was having trouble with my placement, control, and consistency. Having now switched to the K7 Red, I also realized how much I had adapted my natural strokes just to make the DR98 work for me. It’s been a breath of fresh air to feel like I can play all of my natural shots again with this racket and these strings.

    The Halo Hybrid K7 Red has been great from a tension maintenance standpoint too. I’ve now played competitive USTA 4.5 singles for going on 6 hours and the strings still haven’t even moved! And I play a heavy topspin forehand, slice & kick serves, and lots of slice backhands too.

    So if you’re looking for a string to pair with your K7 Red, I’d definitely give this hybrid a shot. And if you’re worried because you’ve had elbow/arm issues in the past, I can’t recommend this setup enough. It’s been great to play with no pain or arm fatigue again, something I didn’t think was possible if I still wanted to play with a full poly setup.

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