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Feel for yourself what difference HALO 1 will make to your game.

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Specifically developed to enhance the performance of every Angell racket, HALO 1 is a monofilament string like no other. Extruded from a blended polyamide, HALO 1 gives outstanding durability and bridges the gap between high performance multi filament strings and mono construction poly’s. Low tension loss means hours of use whilst its unique construction provides incredible snap power and control in all our frames. Feel for yourself what difference HALO 1 will make to your game.


Gauge: 1.22mm
Construction: Round soft polyester
Length: 12m/200m
Colour: Pure Black

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12m, 200m

3 reviews for Halo 1

  1. tombhoneb

    This is a one of a kind string. If you feel that polyester is too stiff and a multifilament is too mushy, I would definitely give this string a try.
    The feel and touch are excellent and the ball really does kick up like you are playing with a poly.
    The string does tend to move a tiny bit in comparison to a poly but is soft enough that if you go up a few pounds in tension to keep the strings in place that is easily solved without a hard impact on your arm. You will not find your arm hurting in the slightest as in fact it’s a very arm friendly string. This string will definitely compliment your tennis whether you have an Angell racket or not.
    As a racket stringer this is one of the easiest strings I have strung. My customers love the playability of Halo and have switched to it as their go to string. Great job Paul on adding a new type of string to the market!

  2. joohan

    Strung in my TC90 at 50lbs, the Halo complements the nature of the racquet perfectly. It works with the frame in perfect unison, making the sensation on impact feel like hitting with a table-tennis racquet: solid and one-piece. Halo offers great pocketing and dwell-time, taking the legendary feel of Angell frames to a whole new level. I highly recommend ordering at least a set to get a taste of what this string is capable of. I can’t wait to try it in my TC95 and other frames I own.

  3. Justin

    If you’re looking for a soft arm friendly string with a generous amount of spin and control then look no further. I have this is my 97Pro at 56lbs and it compliments the frame perfectly. I’ve been recovering from a broken elbow and this is the first string that hasn’t caused me discomfort whatsoever. My local racquet shop have informed me that it’s one of the nicest strings to work with and they string for Wimbledon each year so it’s not empty praise. Try it you might just find it beating you favourite in all areas. Congrats to Paul and the team for another incredible product

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