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CUSTOM V3 TC95 – 18 x 20



The frame with a dual personality, but one serious intention. Whatever string pattern you choose, the new  TC95 V3 is bound to impress.


Build your own


Don’t be fooled into thinking a 95″ frame isn’t still a viable option on court. Hidden under a variety of paintjobs, many of today’s top players are still wielding a classic Mid Plus sized frame. And for good reason. We never cease to be surprised at the power this model produces. From baseline grinding to rocket launched serves, the new TC95 V3 will impress from the first hit.

The dense sting bed combined with narrow beam width makes this a perfect option for players seeking the ultimate in control and feel. Select the 70RA version if you still like to deliver heavy balls from the back of the court, or the 63RA if you prefer slightly enhanced feel closer to the net

Standard specs include

  • 95 inch headsize
  • 20mm tapered beam
  • Unique “D” box section design.
  • Over frame grommet structure
  • High modulus carbon construction
  • Foam Core
  • Micro Braid

Receive an automatic 50% discount on the TC9 Racket bag when purchased with your Custom frame.

Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg


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