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The frame with a dual personality, but one serious intention. Whatever string pattern you choose, the TC95 is bound to impress.


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The frame with a dual personality, but one serious intention. Whatever string pattern you choose, the TC95 is bound to impress. The dense 18×20 string pattern gives most players all the control they need to hit with pinpoint accuracy and is a popular choice for those who like to finish points at the net. Want a spin monster from the baseline? Select the 16×19 option and amaze yourself at your ability to dip those crosscourt winners.

Because Angell customisation allows you to have all the other parameters the same (including factoring the slight difference in weight from the additional strings), its not unheard of for a player to have both options in their bag and switch depending on surface or opponent.  TC95 – the true all-rounder.

Standard specs include

  • 95 inch headsize
  • 20mm tapered beam
  • Unique “D” box section design.
  • Over frame grommet structure
  • High modulus carbon construction
  • Foam Core

Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg

21 reviews for Custom TC95 – 16 x 19

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    collinswm (verified owner)

    After playing pretty high level tennis as a youth in the 1980s and 1990s I got back into serious play a frw years back at age 40. I struggled to find rackets that could match my swing characteristics and need for control and spin. I spent a small fortune searching for the roght racket and cycled through 90sqin Wilson Six One Tour, 97sqin RF Autograph and even Babolat Pure Strike until finally soending a reasoably good season with a Wilson Six One 95 18*20.

    However via Tennisnerd I discovered these Angell Rackets and Paul kindly walked me through my needs and some issues I was trying to address. My key requirements were for a control oriented racket with a great balance of spin and control but with a slightly higher launch angle and better manouevravility than my 365g strung weight Wilson 6.1s.

    I was thrilled by the way Paul advise me toward the TC95 16*19. In the end we agreed on 320gr static weight, 305 mm head light balance as a way to relieve the strain of consistent matchplay with a heavier spec.

    The ordering process was fantastic, very personal and allowed for a great degree of flexibility. Now having played for four weeks on an almost daily basis I can say that the rackets have helped me reach ootential I always thought I had but consistently failed to demonstrate.

    I have won three tournaments in two weeks, two events above my level and have managed to enter the top players in my section in north holland (despite being a short Irish fella).

    Some observations:

    The rackets are lovely – they have a very high quality pain veneer and a classic old school look but with some very cool modern touches like the full circumference frame bumper.

    The racket is beautifully balanced and easier to generate racket head speed than one might expect from a 345gr stick (fully strung with Solinco Hyper G 16 full poly and overgrip)

    The sweetspot is compact and the racket does not give too much help. When i first played I got a bit nervous because it had a small vibration and a different sound than my 6.1. It took me about 10 hours of competitive matchplay to start feeling comfortable enough to attack short forehand balls at full speed and to hit backhand with topspin. Now having played and won three tournaments in two weeks I am consistently finding the sweet spot. A nice side benefit is the solid thud you hear from the frame when you hit freely and with confidence (and a full follow through).

    It is the most effective racket I have ever used for serving – flat, slice, topspin all amazed me. But the racket really makes you think seriously about technique. I also believe it has forced me to pay attention to my footwork and anticipation. You need to position yourself well and make sure to do your unit turn on time but if you get this right you can really open up from the back of the court, get a nice high launch and a solid dependable spin which dips in the back 1/4 of the opponent’s court. It is an absolute rocket launcher but one which requires confidence and technical prowess.

    I am a reluctant net player but I am starting to come in more and more. The racket has not quite transformed my net play but I did noticed it is fantastic at absorbing your opponent’s power and allowing the ball to be redirected deftly. Great for angled volleys and punches and with a beautiful response to touch shots.

    I love the racket and am starting to achieve results I never managed with my former rackets. No disrespect to Wilson which has served me well but these TC95s are in a league of their own.

    I would recommend these rackets 100% to anyone who cares about improving their game and achieving a level of comfort and consistency in their strokes.

    10/10 – an amazing racket and a very enjoyable buying experience. Thanks Paul!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    christian.andersson (verified owner)

    Having tried a lot of different Angell frames which I all like for different reasons I have settled on the TC95 16×19 70ra in the 310g/315mm/9pts HL option.

    This frame really packs a punch on ground strokes and serves and does play very comfortable even with a full poly setup. So don’t be afraid of choosing the higher ra model. The frame benefits from lower tension and I play it at 45 lbs with Solinco Hyper G.

    I also find it forgving for a 95sq inch, and have had no problems adjusting from previous rackets I have used with 97/98sq inch.

    The launch angle makes it easy to get a good net clearance and the easy spin makes balls to dive inside the baseline making it hard for the opponent.

    Overall don’t hesitate to get this (or any other Angell frame), solid quality at your specs and great support! Could not ask for more! Thanks Paul!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    I have a TC95 16×19, RA 63, naked weight 310 gr, balance 32 cm after a light customization. I like everything of this racquet, comfort, stability, power, precision. If I could I would use it every time I play. Unfortunately, I do not feel often in good shape, especially after staying all day long in front of a PC. Those days I take my K7, which gives me more freedom to hit when I do not reach the ball with the right timing. It forgives more and is a little more maneuverable. But when I feel ok I enjoy better my TC95, which has more power and stability than my K7, even if it is a little less spinny. I think the TC95 is an excellent racquet for an aggressive game, both from the baseline and at net.

  4. Rated 4 out of 5


    Excellent racquet, with great serving power. Love it!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Laxman Babu (verified owner)

    My TC95 is 16X19, 63RA, 27″, 320g, 12HL, B handle with Tan leather grip. Its at 355g (12.52 OZ) now after adding the String, dampner, overgrip, 5gms of Lead. Unbelievable experience right from communicating with Paul to playing competitive matches with it. Paul was so patient and helpful in finding out what exact Racquet would suit my game etc among all the available options. I wanted the specs to be very close to PS90 with a little bigger head size and with more comfort and Paul delivered an even better frame than what i am looking for. To be honest i didn’t like it initially coming from RF97, PS97,PS90 etc, basically from Pro staff lineage. It took me couple of days to figure out the racquet and its capabilities and had to add few gms of lead in the hoop and now my TC95 is very stable, maneuverable and rock solid, is a beast now in a short word. Its a combination of Great power, control, spin, plow through and stability. Serves are unbelievable, returns are great, my single hand back hand is very consistent, slices were too good, Volleys and overheads are great as well, Great spin from both wings. I am a 5.0 USTA player if that helps. Quality and stable stick in a nutshell. Very comfortable and can really feel the flex in returns and volleys. Racquet just cuts through the air because of its thin beam and can generate tons of RHS. Trajectory is little high and hence its hard to hit into the net which is a great positive. BTW, Strung the racquet with NG/poly (55/50 lbs). It feels very buttery and plush when hitting on the sweet spot. Overall a great Racquet and the best ever for me among all the racquets that i played with. Serves are really like bombs and the stand out feature of this racquet. I am in the process of ordering another one with the same specs as a back up. Thanks Paul.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5


    The TC95 is a great frame . It has all the qualities for a single handed player to play topspin , drive the ball, slice the ball and block the ball

    It is a complete frame . The racquet construction in black is beautiful . If you have the skills it is a racquet far outweighs what the competition offer. Mine is strung with a famous power string . It really is a complete frame for anyone who is looking for a big hitting but solid diverse frame which if you have the skill allows you to do anything you want . A great purchase and will be recommending to others

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    jeffreyciccone (verified owner)

    Best racquet ever! The last two racquets I have used regularly were the Babolat Pure Drive Roddick and the Wilson Pro Staff 85. Very different for sure, but I liked each for different reasons. I fell in love with the serve of the Pure Drive and the easy power, but I sometimes had trouble controlling it. I then tried the Pro Staff when it was reissued about 5 years ago and loved it for the precision and plow through. However, the sweet spot was so small that I often left balls short and I had some difficulty putting it away when an opening presented itself. I heard about Angell and was intrigued by the possibility of combining the best aspects of the two racquets into one super weapon. Through several e-mails with Paul, I explained my game and what I was trying to do. He recommended the TC 95 16×19 with the 63 RA. I ordered it in 330g, 12 HL, B handle with leather grip. Received it in the mail shortly thereafter and have now used it for several weeks. The racquet is exactly what I was hoping for. I feel no drop in control from the Pro Staff, but my shots have a significant amount of added zip on them – maybe not quite as much as the Pure Drive, but the ball stays in the court. Serves are actually even better than with the Pure Drive. I was hoping to hide my new secret, but my opponents have noticed the change – and the pretty new frame. Just ordered a second frame with the same specs.

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    Richard (verified owner)

    Upon my return to tennis after 15 years away, I was a loss as to what racquet to buy. I demo’d all the usual suspects at the local tennis store and final purchased some brand name that some current pro player was proclaiming to be the best. How little I knew and it l almost ruined tennis for me forever. Arm pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain. Some of it was form, I will admit that, but certainly not all of it. One day while taking a lesson from a local instructor, he told me about this incredible racquet that solved his arm pain and played incredibly. He let me hit with it for a while but it didn’t take long before I was sold. It was an Angell TC97 strung with a stiff shaped polyester. A stiff strong polyester and I had zero arm pain. It took me all of 3 hours before I got home and went on the site and starting doing my research. bang first TC97 purchased and love(d) it. But the racquets I really liked playing with were 95’s and very head light. I was sold on the TC95 after hearing many glowing reviews. I now own two TC95 63ra 12ptshl and would never switch. Once and a while I will pick up another racquet from someone I’m playing with just for hits an giggles. I realize how lucky I am to have discovered Angell.

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    Petre Grigore (verified owner)

    Great racquet : TC95.. RA63…16×19…300g/6HL … very quick and enough power to destroy my opponents. My string of choice is wilson sensation and babolat rpm blast 22/20 kg

  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    Will O’Connor (verified owner)

    This is a phenomenal racket. I’ve used the Wilson Six.One 95 16×18 for over a decade but I am now making the switch to the TC95 16×19 63RA customized (free of charge, by Paul) to 337g and 303mm balance unstrung, with a 301 swingweight. The stability and plow through on this racket is divine, even better than my old Wilsons. Power is more than adequate and the racket somehow remains maneuverable despite the hefty specs. My serves and forehands have newfound easy power while my backhand has been transformed from a weakness to solid foundation for the rest of my game. My most recent opponent asked if I had, “gotten a new backhand since the last time we played”. The lost art of customer service is practiced well by Paul, as he responded quickly and professionally too all of my questions. He even called me on the phone from the UK, unprompted, to discuss my order after receiving it on the website. I’m a 31 year old 4.5 USTA rated male player with an extreme western forehand, two handed backhand and a power baseline game. Racket shiny too.

  11. Rated 5 out of 5

    A Witrak

    Been playing with the TC95 for about 2 months now and I am in love. I was always a Wilson fan…most recently using the RF97 Autograph. I was skeptical to go down in head size, but I tried out the TC95 and wow. Tennis is now way more fun than ever. Really. The moment you pick up the racket there is a sensation of complete comfort and quality. The best way I can describe the TC95 is: now I feel like the racket is a very natural extension of my arm, rather than me playing with a piece of equipment in my hand. Customized with lead to 345 grams strung with a 33 balance. Strung with Volkl Cyclone 17g….easy power (lots), great spin, better feel, full swings, control, maneuverable …..a world away from the stiff Wilsons I was using. I can’t say enough how drastic and positive the difference is from other frames. Great job Paul Angell, these rackets are amazing. Will be ordering more….

  12. Rated 5 out of 5

    tombhoneb (verified owner)

    I will echo the other players, Pauls communication and commitment to detail for your racket is second to none.
    Onto the racket –
    The very first hit I had with my TC95 I could tell that this racket had something special about it, something that other rackets on the market don’t posses.
    Feel and control for me in a racket is paramount and the TC95 has an abundance of this, but once you get the foam filled frame moving through the air power is very easy to come by. The TC95 impresses in every department.
    Volleys and drop shots are hit with ease as the feedback and flex you get with this racket aids you in every way. First serves are rocketed into court and even with my 18×20 string pattern the kick I get on my second serve puts many opponents under pressure. Forehands and backhands with this racket are a joy to play, with the frame giving you a controllable and comfortable hit but then there’s no lack of power on finishing shots.
    If you are on the fence about purchasing a racket do what I did, take the risk. You will be rewarded with a racket that is everything you could want from a racket and more!

  13. Rated 5 out of 5

    ervins.elksnis (verified owner)

    This racket can do everything, it serves great, returns great, plenty of power from the baseline and nice touch and feel at the net.
    Best frames on the market hands down.

  14. Rated 5 out of 5


    Specs used: 310g, 320mm, 70RA, 16×19, L3B, strung with Kirschbaum Proline II at 56lbs
    For reference, I’m an aggressive baseliner/all-court player with an extreme eastern/semiwestern forehand and an eastern backhand. My serves aren’t blazing fast, but they are consistently aggressive and well-placed, and my 2nd serves have pretty big kick. I switch between phases of staying at the baseline and hitting medium pace balls until I can get one to step into and rip, or I mix up the pace with slices to approach the net.

    First off, I’ll start with general playing characteristics. Weight-wise I decided to go a little bit below my usual spec of about 12 ounces to give myself a little room to customize in case it was a little unwieldy. I’m really glad I did because despite only being 11 ounces unstrung (11.75 with strings and OG), this thing is quite stable and has great plow-through. Also, it feel very polarized and almost more head heavy than it actually is. After a brief hitting session I realized the only thing it lacked was a little bit of torsional stability, so I added about 10 grams of lead and 3/9, and after hitting for a set of match play reduced it to 5 grams which proved to be the perfect amount. I might end up adding a little bit of lead to the handle, but we’ll see. I’ve never used a foam filled racquet like this, and the feel was unlike anything I’ve ever used. I’m a big fan of the muted, solid feel that it provides and appreciate its contribution to the racquet’s overall comfort level. Speaking of comfort this thing was a joy on the arm. It felt like a racquet of similar stiffness rating with a thin layer of marshmallow on top of it. It enabled for the initial impact of the racquet to be quite plush, but at the end of impact, you could feel the overall level of flex to be about where its rating would suggest (70 unstrung/64 strung), so it basically felt like something 60ish, but responded and played like 65ish. The head size looks pretty narrow, and the sweet spot was about what you would expect being a tiny bit less forgiving than like a 98, but not major. The sweet spot is about on par with like a Prince TT95, but definitely not as deep as my Wilson 6.1 95. Also, I went with the 16×19 pattern because my Wilson Kblade just wasn’t cutting it for me in raw spin production. Overall, the pattern was pretty open in the middle, but the predictability of the string bed was surprisingly good. Spin comes off of it very nicely, and it reminds me of like a Wilson tour 90 in the way that it produces good spin when you initiate it with a launch angle a little higher than an 18×20 but not quite as erratic as most tweeners. In that department it was exactly what I was looking for. Power level was much higher than what I anticipated from reading other people’s comments. Maybe that’s because I’ve been using a Kblade 98 strung with a poly at like 60 pounds lately, but I found this racquet to have plenty of power for a player’s frame. In many departments, I would describe this racquet with one word- potential. With power, spin, punch, or anything, if you wanted more of it, you could get it, but it wasn’t abundant in any of these categories when you didn’t want it to be. For example, power level was pretty moderate in regular rallying, but if you wanted to tee off, it would give you plenty of putaway power and spin to do the job very nicely. It gave me great confidence to go after my shots. Next, I’ll list my individual opinions about how it performed for each shot.

    Groundstrokes: A- Forehands and backhands were very balanced. It allowed me to hit very heavy balls with good pace and spin consistently. Also, whenever I would want to flatten a shot out (particularly on the forehand), it would still give the ball decent spin to pull it into the court much better than my old racquet. Slices were excellent. This racquet comes in at a close second to my favorite slicing racquet, the TT95. Stability was very good considering its weight, and my only issue was torsional stability. A little lead at 3/9 took care of that. At the beginning of my playing, my timing was a little off from adjusting from my old racquet, so I was having some trouble finding the sweet spot, but I eventually got a feel for it, and didn’t struggle much with that anymore. There was also an adjustment period for playing with a more open pattern than I’m used to, so every once in a while the launch angle would throw me off a little bit, and I would sail the ball long, but I’m getting the hang of that still. Also, sometimes, racquets can feel a bit awkward for the one handed backhand, but this one felt right at home.

    Volleys: A This is my favorite volleying racquet I’ve ever used. That foam filled muted feel makes for great feel of volleys. My flat volleys have great punch and my knifing slice volleys have a lot of umph and seem to practically stick to the court. Despite its slightly small sweet spot, off center volleys were still decent. Additionally, I only hit 3 overheads the entire match today and made 2 of them. Not a large sample size but they felt good!

    Serve: A+ Plenty of people have talked about how well this frame serves. All I can say is that it lives up to the hype! The polarized feel made it feel like my motion had a smoother kinetic chain and it connected with the ball like a hammer. Flat serves had great oomph and consistency. Slice serves were fantastic with a surprising amount of pace on them. Kick serves were decent. It may have been because it was my first time in match play with it, but I didn’t get quite dialed in with my kick serve. I could see how some people might prefer like a Pure Drive on serve, but I love this racquet for first serves, and my second serves will get better with time.

    Returns: A+ I thought people were making too much of a big deal about this racquet’s returns at first. I’ve never been one to really notice much difference in the way a racquet returns serve compared to how it plays with regular groundstrokes, but this stick is spectacular. The way the weight it distributed makes it easy to maneuver, but it feel like it carries so much momentum to the ball. My second serve returns are pretty strong, but first serve returns aren’t exactly a strong suit of my game, but this racquet made a big difference in the aggressiveness of my return games. In fact, a lot of times I found myself pounding a hard return, following it to the net, and putting away the easy volley.

    Overall: The only shortcoming of the racquet for me was touch. Usually, drop shots are my specialty, and while I love the muted feel on every other stroke, it didn’t bode well for my drops. This seems like something that’ll get better in time though and is very minor. The main reason I selected this racquet was that I wanted a good blend of my two favorite racquets- the 6.1 95 16×18 and the Kblade 98. The 6.1 had great putaway power and spin, but it could be unwieldy at times, and I was never a big fan of serving with it. The Kblade had great control with pretty good serves and volleys, but it lacked raw spin and power. This racquet delivered on those fronts while providing a plush feel, bomb serves, and some character. So there you have it. Those are my impressions, and I could not be happier with the racquet. I can confidently consider this my new stick of choice!

  15. Rated 5 out of 5


    It’s a simple matter of quality and design. The frame construction is top notch. I hit the frame on all kind of surfaces, shanked the ball, dropped it on clay, hit the ground while swinging and there is no scratch on it, it looks like brand new. The frame simply screams quality when you touch it. As for play, after hitting with Prestiges, Pure Drives, Pro Staffs (most of them from 85 to 97a), Tour Gs and Textremes, I have to say that my TC95 18×20 63RA is by far the most complete frame, for me. I have directional control, great spin, depth control, excellent slices and great serves all in a soft package. My elbow is happy. I am still trying new racquets (I’m addicted to tests), but each time I’m coming back to my Angells. And now that I switched to a western grip, the spin I get is awesome, in 18×20, yes!

    In short, it is a pro stock frame at normal price. I own 9 of them in multiple configs, and I felt that, due to my satisfaction, they are worth to be praised in writing.

  16. Rated 5 out of 5


    The Angell frame is simply the best on the market today. The quality and feel are simply unmatched. I have been with Paul since the early Vantage days. There is simply no reason to play with anything else!

  17. Rated 5 out of 5

    Matt Chamlin

    I own 4 of these and play twice a week. I have been playing tennis at a pretty good level (5.0) for over 60 years. In the past 10 years or so I have come to think I know exactly the specs I want and need to play my best and the TC95 with the dense stringing pattern and the soft flex is about perfect. It’s so good that there is just no reason to think about using anything else. I, of course, try a new racquet from time to time, but what I find is that at first a new one seems more powerful or lighter or whatever, but eventually I realize that the TC95 is the perfect “players” racquet for me. The best feature of my game is my net play and here the racquet is very maneuverable and quick and is the best I’ve ever used. The quality of the racquet is excellent–easily as good as anything else and better than most. The price, compared to everything else on the market, is a bargain without considering that you have it “customized”. When you consider that you get exactly what you want, it is indeed a bargain. In short, after, I think, 4 years of using these, I have no complaints at all and I think this is the longest I have used the same racquet since the 1960’s when there was little difference between the wooden sticks available. I have tried many different stringing set ups and have always come back to natural gut strung at 55 lbs. Easy on the arm, effective for all my shots, quick at the net, powerful enough and resistant to off center hits, etc. With this racquet, even at my advanced age, I am still able to hit an overhead hard enough to have it bounce way, way high and over the fence. What more can you ask? Where I play I sometimes get the opportunity to hit with a “famous” retired player who is 30+ years younger than I am and with whom I really don’t deserve to be on the same court with (in terms of ability). He is always impressed. What more can you ask?

  18. Rated 5 out of 5


    Great materials and workmanship. To me, the best deal in tennis! Custom specs, racket matching and personalized customer service. Basically, a pro stock for the every man.

  19. Rated 5 out of 5


    Superb racket, and would recommend it to anyone. Been playing with an Angell racket for about 6 months now and its infinitely better than anything I’ve ever played with. The only con Is that they did not have a 16×18 string pattern, but Its not important.

  20. Rated 5 out of 5


    Obviously one would expect to enjoy the racket He/she purchased as the specs are made to order. What I didn’t expect was the ease of communication btw myself and the manufacturer, the helpful tips, and the unsurpassed quality of the end product.

    Tennis players who care about their equipment are doing themselves a huge disservice if they aren’t using angell frames. Plain and simple…these are the best frames you can buy. Easy on the arm no matter how stiff, all the power or lack of power you want, and the paint is the highest quality in tennis.

  21. Rated 5 out of 5

    Shereef (verified owner)

    I have 2 TC95s, 70RA, 27″, 330g, 12HL, B handle with leather grip. The racquet is supremely comfortable and RA is more around 63/64 fully assembled and strung. I string at 50lbs with full copoly. I have not played with a better racquet in my entire life of tennis and i started playing at 7 yrs old. No weakness that i have been able to discover. Heavy top spin on tap and easy to flatten out shots. Power and control balance is perfect. Touch and feel is outstanding. Quick in the air and reactions volleys or shots. A serving monster on flat, spin or kick serves with good accuracy. Serve returns are great with easy maneuverability and you can tune in and adjust for deep returns. I think the real trick to being happy with this custom made model of racquet purchased is to know what specs truly work for your game. Racquet itself is a gem and top notch quality. Even the paint job is excellent quality.

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