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The TC90 is the ultimate players frame for the fearless amongst you.


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If you are serious about your tennis and have the ability to match, you might just fall in love with the TC90. Developed over years of interaction with tour players around the world, the TC90 is the ultimate players frame for the fearless amongst you.

Whilst the 90 square inch head size might be uncompromising in some areas, it still offers the standard Angell characteristics of comfort, solidity and quality of manufacture. Push your tennis to the tour standard and have the ultimate racket for control and accuracy available to buy today.

Standard specs include –

90 inch headsize
19mm tapered beam
Unique “D” box section design.
Over frame grommet structure
High modulus carbon construction

Foam Core

Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg
Grip Size

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

5 reviews for Custom TC90

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Christoph (verified owner)

    I ordered the 330 g/305 mm TC90 about half a year ago and have been playing with it ever since. Before that, my main racquet of choise was the Völkl PB 10 mid. The control is outstanding as expected for a 90 square inch racquet. On one day, I had the one to one comparison to the PS85 and I couldn’t feel a remarkable difference as far as control and precision were concerned. The frame is stiff but no problem for the arm at all (as long as you stay low with the string tension in case you use a poly). The quality of the racquet, the material and the paintjob is very high. The TC90 is very easy to swing, which I attribute to the small head size and the thin frame.

    Originally, I strung it wiht a poly at 24/23 kp. After a couple of hours playing I added 6 g of lead tape to the hoop (at 12, 3 and 9), which increased the power. Before that,
    I had problems to regularly keep the balls long. This problem was resolved by increasing the swing weight.
    As others have mentioned, the TC90 is very challenging to play with. Even though the 16/18 string pattern doesn’t sound tight on paper, it
    seems like the outer strings are pretty close to the frame in comparison to other racquets with a 90 head size (e.g. Vacuum Pro 90). This leads to a rather tight feeling string bed, which probably helps the control. On my one handed backhand, I had some troubles at first to get the topspin I need, which has never been an issue on the forehand side. Hence, it’s probably more of a technical issue.

    However, on the very first day I played with the TC90, things were totally different. It was extremely hot and the string bed (24/23 kp) was very soft as it turned out later. On this day, the TC90 felt extremely powerful and spin friendly. I even had issues to keep the ball within the court sometimes, but the directional control was amazing. On that day, me and a friend came to the conclusion, that the TC90 “feels like a very modern players racquet” – powerful, spin friendly, big sweet spot, easy to swing. Ever since, with normal conditions, it turned out to be a lot more challenging.

    Due to the first day experience I altered the string tension and went down to 22/21 kp still using a poly. This opened up the string bed and made it a lot easier for me to
    generate spin on the backhand side without loosing the control. So I would definitely recommend to string the racquet very low using a poly. It won’t affect directional control, but will help to open up the string bed. Still I am not totally convinced, if the full poly setup is the ideal setup for the racquet. Even though control, precision and power are all there, other mid size racquets seem to offer more touch on drop shots. Hence, I will probably change to a hybrid setup soon.

    Short summary:
    TC90 330g/305 mm, handle shape B, grip size L3, standard length
    string setup: 22/21 kp, Head Hawk (poly)
    control, precision, directional control: outstanding (as I had hoped)
    power: very good (with 6 g of lead tape)
    touch/feel: still to be optimized on drop shots and short volleys – probably a matter of the string setup, still touch and feel are at a high level!!
    spin: spin has always been good on the forehand side and is no issue any more on the backhand side now that I reduced the string tension. The TC90 is no spin monster.
    serving: power, precision and spin are there
    returns: challenging, due to the fact, that off center hits might come too short (as is typical for mid size racquets)
    groundstrokes: power, spin and directional control are all there
    slice: very intuitive and stays low
    volleys: easy to swing and very stable
    comfort: very good with a low string tension and a non-leather grip. Originally, I had leather grip and the handle shape B, which gave me blisters. Switching to a non-leather grip made it a lot more comfortable for my hand.
    material quality: superb

    Overall: Fantastic racquet! If you look for a challenging, classic racquet, which helps you to improve your technique and game, the TC90 is the perfect choice.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    peter (verified owner)

    I first bought the TC95 and was throughly impressed. It’s weight and solidness intriged me into purchasing the TC90 and i have to say it is the best raquet I have played with.

    I did add some weight at 12 for me personally and my back hands are the best I have seen from any raquet i have used.

    There are suttle differences between the TC90 and TC95 as you would expect but as I am dumb and didn’t buy two identical raquets it hasn’t effected my game switching between the two.

    Honestly Angell raquets are the best on the market.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Nicholas (verified owner)

    Since I started playing seriously about 7 years ago, I’ve been looking for the perfect racquet, for me – not one that makes me a magically better player, but one that just feels absolutely “right”, which in turn helps me focus on my game and become a better player. I started the quest after playing with a borrowed Wilson PS 85, which blew me away at the time, but for some reason I didn’t just buy one of those… My quest took me through the Pacific Xfeel Pro 90, Fischer Vacuum Pro 90, Volkl Power Bridge 10 mid, Volkl Organix 10 mid, Babolat Pure Strike Tour (first gen), Dunlop Max 200g, Prince Classic Response 97, Yonex Vcore Tour F 93, and the Wilson PS 90. I liked something about almost all of those, but each one felt like it was missing something. Either too soft, or too stiff, too unforgiving, or just not powerful enough. Perhaps the top 3 were the Dunlop Max 200g, Vcore Tour F93, and the Wilson PS 90 – if I could have merged them all together into one racquet, keeping the parts I liked, it would have been perfect…

    To my surprise, that is exactly what the Angell TC90 feels like to me. I ordered up the 330g/305mm version a few weeks ago and have been playing with it ever since, and am simply amazed by everything about it.

    – The way it swings through the air is just amazing – it just whips – even with a bit of lead added to the hoop
    – That easy swing contributes to a lot of good things – namely, despite the small head size, it’s easy to make good contact. I’m not the cleanest ball striker out there, but I don’t have any trouble with it. I hit with an eastern forehand and fairly flat strokes, but can loop it when I need to
    – Directional control is fabulous – of course you can miss, but it pretty much goes where you tell it to
    – Power is very good – one of the things I liked best about the Yonex was the easy power – I just didn’t like the feel of it all that much. The TC90 has a sweet feel and the same amount of power – not so much you are launching the ball – but enough to hit some stinging (for someone at my level – USTA 4.0) shots.
    – Even with a bit of lead, it’s still just over 12 ounces, making it lighter than the PS 90 – I appreciate that for serves and volleys – faster swings on serves and better maneuverability at net. Overheads are a dream
    – Feel is truly unbelievable – I’m playing with a full bed of synthetic gut strung around 58lbs – and it is both crisp and comfortable, not a noodle or rock. The 70RA rating seems high on paper, but it’s not harsh at all. I think the Vcore Tour F is rated lower on paper, but feels harsher on the arm (with the same string setup).

    Some have said this is a demanding racquet to play with, but I feel the opposite way – it seems very natural and easy. Might not be the case for everyone, but it probably boils down more to playing style than just skill level. I’m not an amazing player, by any means, so it can’t be that! So, I’d say, if you like moderately heavy mid-size frames in general, you won’t be disappointed by this one.

    Now, my biggest dilemma is trying to see how fast I can sell my other racquets so that I can order a second and third one as soon as possible…

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    ervins.elksnis (verified owner)

    I got my TC90 based on great review from @joohan. Still I was diving into unknown. I had never before played with such a small head size frame and thought it would be too demanding for me. I also thought that RA70 could be an issue for me, because all the hollow ~ 70RA rackets I had tried before gave me nothing but arm pain. I took me half an hour to get used to it and after that the racquet played lights out for me. Now after some weeks of hitting with TC90, first strung with new copoly Halo 2 string, then with Cyclone 17, I can say that TC90 really is the ultimate racquet for control and precision. It is demanding and I like that, because it helps to raise my level of tennis. And no arm pain at all, very comfortable frame.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    Angell TC90 was the reason I got intrigued by Angell brand but not in entirely positive way. I was quite skeptical about a concept of a custom made frame with specs in classic midsize racquet territory as there is still a lot of famous midsize legends available (PS85, PS90, Vacuum Mid/X Feel Pro 90, Prestige Mid, etc.). My skepticism transformed into curiosity and my curiosity led me to discuss the matter with people, who had/have experiences with Angell custom racquets and the rest is history. I’ve become a huge fan not only of Angell products (owning a TC90 strung with Angell Halo strings, a TC95 and an Angell 9-racquet tennis bag) but also of Paul Angells overall approach to business, R&D, customer service and tennis equipment philosophy.

    I am a long time midsize racquet user, having played with the likes of Wilson: PS85, BLX PS 90, PS 90 2014, Head PC600, Dunlop Aerogel 4D 100 and, most importantly, Fischer Vacuum Pro Mid(90). Fischer is my favourite tennis brand with its VT98Pro and Vacuum Pro Mid being my main playing frames up until my switch to Angell. With my ideal specs being 330g/12ptsHL unstrung, the heaviest/most HL option of the TC90 caught my eye, as it has almost identical specs as Vacuum Pro Mid with only difference being string pattern (16×20 in Vacuum Pro vs. 16×18 in TC90) and a few points in stiffness rating. I ordered a set of Angell Halo strings as well and had the TC90 strung with it at 50lb. Now to the play-test itself:

    Wilson BLX Pro Staff Six One Tour(strung with Weiss Cannon Silverstring 1.20 @50) vs. Angell TC90(strung with Angell Halo 1.20 @50)

    First and foremost – I am constantly amazed how solid Angell racquets are. In direct comparison, BLX PS 90 felt like a lego toy: very disjointed, for a lack of a better word. The TC90 feels like a perfect one-piece instrument, strings included. I almost felt like playing with a table-tennis racquet: uniform and solid. Very Fischer Vacuum Mid-like. Just wow.

    Second thing – Frame descriptions at the Angell website are very, very accurate. If TC95 is “the true all-rounder”(and it is), TC90 most definitely is “the ultimate racket for control and accuracy” and the one wielding it most definitely needs to “have the ability to match”. Despite being 16×18, it is an absolute precision scalpel with tasty, bottomless sweetspot that is rather small and well defined. Difference between hitting inside and outside the sweetspot is significant and you feel it sharply and instantaneously. Sweetspot of the BLX PS90 feels huge in comparison, albeit not that sweet nor powerful.

    TC90 benefits the most from a long, smooth strokes. I know that most mids do and its not that surprising but with the TC90(as well as with Fischer Vacuum Pro), it is very much pronounced. I have no problems hitting full western grip strokes with the BLX PS90, not even “Nadaling it out” with a lasoid forehand, but with the TC90 I can forget about it almost altogether. I’m not saying you can’t hit with the topspin at all, It’s only that the trajectory of the stroke needs to be more horizontal and for that it’s best to hit almost Federer-like, eastern grip forehands with the wrist doing all the work in a sharp, liquid whip.

    Slices are wicked and that’s where the Halo strings come in, too. TC90 totally feels like a brand new Vacuum Mid but unlike the Fischer, Angell is very much polyester friendly. Halo strings and frame work together in perfect unison, taking the uniformness, solidness and one-piece sensation to a whole new level. Provided that you find the sweetspot, feel is astonishing and precision on par with the Vacuum Mid. That’s why volleys feel so sweet and serves are the best I’ve ever produced, even better than with my TC95 that routinely receives praise as the best serving frame many TC95 owners have ever played with.

    With midsize racquets becoming slowly but surely extinct as far as “big brands” production is concerned, Angell TC90 saves the day for those tired of hunting down their favourite mids all around the internet. With all the customization options, you can essentially build almost any midsize legend you used to play with and you’ll be getting much more than a mere replica. TC90 has a character of its own and qualities that put it right among the very legends of midsize tennis racquets category.

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