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Custom colours whenever the mood takes you.

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We think it may be another Angell first, changing the colour scheme of a frame on a whim? Custom colours whenever the mood takes you, much like vehicle wrapping.

Our unique frame wraps are precision cut from 70 micron fully formable vinyl, designed to enhance and protect.

The high gloss vinyl substrate weighing less than 2g was specifically chosen for its strong adhesive backing and ability to withstand years of outdoor exposure.

Installation is quick and easy, we do recommend the use of new grommets where possible to avoid difficulty when replacing the grommets into the frame.


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Frame Pack

95/97 16×19, 95/97 18×20, 100 16×19, 105 16×19

Colour Wrap

Lime, Black, Orange, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Purple, Gold, Silver, White, Red

2 reviews for Colour Wraps

  1. Ronald (verified owner)

    These wraps are very lightweight yet also durable. Even after banging the edge of the frame on the court digging up low balls, I only saw very faint scratches on the wrap (the grommet did its job and took the brunt of the force). A word of warning, though: I bought the red, green, and blue wraps to match the grommets on my 3 racquets. The red wrap matched the shade of red grommet very nicely. The green was a bit off, but not too noticeable. The blue was noticeably a different shade; the wrap is more of a lighter aqua blue compared to the darker, more true blue of the grommet. Also, the wraps do not seem to affect the weight or balance of the racquet much. They look good and serve to customize the look of the racquets well. I kinda like the look with the graphic wraps better, though.

  2. Jean-Francois

    I added the gold colored wrap to my TC97. It’s easy to install and it adds a bit of flash to the frame. It is also quite durable, after a couple weeks of play it’s holding up just fine. If you are like me and look for a perfect finish, you need to go underneath the grommets when applying the sticker. Make sure your grommets are in good shape and can be put back in place or do as I did and just replace the grommets at the same time. Very happy with the results and will add the wrap to my other frames. Easy way to update the look of your frames without changing the frame!

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