TC Custom 9 Racket Bag

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Standard specs include

  • 3 large racket pockets
  • Separate shoe compartments
  • 1 large outer pocket
  • Padded shoulder straps.
  • Interior pocket.

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Manufactured using high end non woven fabrics the Angell TC9 bag is a practical and stylish solution to carrying multiple custom or prebuilt rackets.

We know a racket bag won’t improve your game, but looking great as you walk onto court is always a good place to start.

Standard specs include

  • 3 large racket pockets
  • Separate shoe compartments
  • 1 large outer pocket
  • Padded shoulder straps.
  • Interior pocket.

Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg

9 reviews for TC Custom 9 Racket Bag

  1. stan (verified owner)

    Decent bag, lots of room and compartments with excellent quality. The only problem I have with this bag is the detachable straps. Hooks that are made from plastic make squeaky noises when under load of a heavy bag. Instead of plastic hooks, a better design would have been completely sewed in straps like in many other bags nowadays. The modularity of taking backpack straps completely off is mostly unnecessary as most people will leave the straps on, to carry a large heavy bag full of racquets on their shoulder/back instead of only carrying it by the handheld handle. But overall above mentioned is a small price to pay for a matching Angell bag for your racquets 🙂

  2. georgi.k.popov

    Excellent quality bag. Top notch materials, compartment division and LOOKS! If I had to be really picky a bit more padding would have been nice, but I’m more than OK with it as it is. I’m giving it 5/7!

  3. dave007gould (verified owner)

    Really great bag, super comfortable to carry in tournaments. Great design, perfect for all your Angell rackets.

  4. joshua.crossley (verified owner)

    Would recommend this bag to anyone who wants to stand out whilst walking into court
    Not only is it as aesthetically pleasing but practical as well. Room to fit all the equipment any player could need. I can not speak highly enough of the quality of angell products and the personal service you receive!

  5. evanpsbaker (verified owner)

    High quality bag big enough to fit several rackets and shoes, water bottle, towel etc whilst still practical. Extremely happy with it and would recommend to anyone.

  6. ervins.elksnis (verified owner)

    High quality bag. Enough space for my Angells, shoes, clothes and drinks.

  7. joohan

    Top notch Angell quality production – materials, design, attention to detail – all there. The bag is very spacious, can really take 9 racquets in their own racquet cases…maybe even 10-11 on their “naked” own. It has smart internal pockets (one of them with a zipper) as well as two big external pockets so you can really take it all with you to the tennis court. Two shoe compartments at the bottom of the bag are a nice touch, spacious enough to pack shoes into one and, say, bottles/cans of balls/wet clothes into the other. All packed in, the bag still looks compact and despite appearing lightweight it is very sturdy. My personal favourite part of the bag are the shoulder straps – wide, extremely well padded and with a rubber-like coating on the side touching the shoulders what prevents the bag from sliding all over your back while walking/biking to the practice session.

    One knock – I would welcome more padding on the back but I admit I am a lot biased coming from outdoor backpack-like padding in Tecnifibre bags. Not really an issue for people driving to their tennis sessions/carrying the bag from the car to the court but for those walking/biking, it might not be as enjoyable.

    All in all – it’s an excellent product and the option to design your own text is very cool. Well done Angell (…yet again.)

  8. tombhoneb

    First of all the colours and design of this bag get a lot of compliments around the club from fellow players.
    There’s generous space for 9 rackets and a large compartment for extra string/overgrips and your phone while you play. There’s even an extra compartment for your drink/shoes. On your back the straps are comfortable so if you have a long journey to your club you wont feel any discomfort on your shoulders like some other bags. I always carry a lot of equipment with me to the court and in the past have used a 12 racket bag, the design of this bag allows me to carry everything i would usually but taking up less space. Very happy with my new Angell bag!

  9. Ulf (verified owner)

    If you want a matching bag for your Angell rackets, this is the one to get. The 2 large racket pockets are big enough to comfortably fit 3 frames each, while the equally large middle compartment provides more than enough space for the rest of your gear (or doubles up as another, third racket pocket). The 2 separate shoe compartments, one each per racket pocket, are a nice touch and can also be used for storing water bottles. Some smaller interior pockets, one zipped, help in keeping your stuff organised. What this bag may lack in width compared to other 12 pack bags is, at least in part, made up by the 2 large outer pockets which, again, provide ample space. The padded shoulder straps make carrying this bag a breeze. Two thumbs up!

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