Launched in May 2012, Angell sport is the culmination of 19 years racket building and industry knowledge. Trained as a mechanical and composite engineer, our founders first position in the tennis industry was at Dunlop Slazenger’s UK research facility. Paul initiated the use of Cad Cam and analysis software at the facility to shorten development timescales and enhance the products performance.  In 1996, It was Paul that personally manufactured the final Max200g racquets for Steffi Graf before the process was finally closed down and the entire production of rackets passed to Taiwan.



Rejoining Dunlop Slazenger in 1999 as Head of Design, Paul was responsible for all racket developments including the legendary Muscle Weave and Hot Melt ranges. Alongside the product development, Paul was also responsible for taking care of racket development for the company’s tour team of players  – Henman, Haas, Almagro, McEnroe, Ferreira, Philippoussis, Safin, Mauresmo. It was in this capacity that the concept of custom racquets was conceived and a variant of the process was used to competently and quickly get new players using the right equipment.


Having founded and developed the concept of online custom racket configuration in 2004, Paul has now proudly branded the range with his name Angell, and looks forward to providing the only true custom range for players Worldwide.